Meatballs, All in one dish (apart of the green).

Meatballs with aubergine and been in tomatoes sauce.

After I carved out some frozen meat from my deep freezer (see my post on ‘How to pack meat in deep freezer), I end up with a lot of meat. That turn to be a bonus, I produce around 32 odd meat balls size of golf balls.

We were three of us, so I only cooked 20 meat balls in the tomatoes sauce and the rest I plainly backed in the oven (more on that at the end).

A lot of sauce remain and we used it as a soup, few days later. We just add some more water and boil it again.

Also you can use the  sauce as tomatoes sauce for pizza.

So yes, here you have it.  it really is four in one recipe.

Backed meatballe



3 Slices brown bread.

Bunch of parsley.

1 Onion.

2 Pickled cucumber.

1500gr Chuck beef minced.

1 egg

1 Big aubergine diced.

1 Tablespoon paprika.

Half teaspoon turmeric

2 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce.

1 Teaspoon baking soda.

2 Tined chopped tomato.

2 Tablespoon tomato puree.

1 Cup dry black beans, soak overnight.

Soda water.

Olive oil.


 Soak the bread in cold water and drain well, roughly chop the parsley, onion and pickles.

Put it in a large mixing bowl, add the meat and the egg, add the spices, baking soda, Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper and mix well. Add splash of the soda water, mix and leave cover in the fridge for forty minutes.

In the mean time, fry the aubergine with plenty of oil until golden in colour but not cooked all way through. Add the tomatoes, the tomatoes puree, the beans and some water. Bring to boil, then reduce the heat and leave gently bobble for ten minutes. Remove from the stove and let cool a bit.

While the sauce is cooking you can make the meat balls. Its help to wet your hands when you do it and put them all on a tray.

When the sauce is cool for you to leave your finger in. Add the meat balls. The meat balls are not cooked yet so if handled rough they can fall apart. Gently put them in the sauce by using a wooden spoon to make room among the vegetables that in the sauce.

Bring to boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer for one and half hour. It is very important to gently mix it every fifteen minutes or so as you don’t want the bottom of the pan to be burn, what will give the food not so nice taste and smell.

Left over:

Backed meatballs

Lay the remain of the meat balls in shallow baking dish and pour some beef stock to cover about one centimetres deep.

Put it in pre heated oven at 200̊ C for twenty five minutes until nice golden colour set on the meat balls.


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How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction Instruction for beginner. Part 2.

Construction of the machine.

Continuo of my article of  how to build KMG type belt sander.

As I mention in the last post, I cut all the steel (engineer’s grade mild steel) items using laser cutting specialist.

To save money I add to use two pieces of steel for the tool arm(Parts D), but I recommend to use one piece. It is very important for the arm tool to be dead straight.

Prior to welding you want to drill all the hols and do all the threads that needed. I marked them all on the drawings. As i know myself, it is possible that I made a mistake, so please check it.

I started by well the two (Parts D) pieces together. As you will see, I am not a welder, so I add to learn how to do it from the internet. I can recommend you two web site with good instruction.

how to build belt sanderI then moved to build the main body (parts A,B,C). Assemble all the parts around the now one piece tool arm, jest to make sure you will not mess with the order that you are going to weld it.

how to build belt sanderYou need pay attention for two things. One is to make sure that the pieces are 90˚ to each other.

And that you need to live slight gap between  the main body and the tool arm. I would say 1mm on the vertical side and one on the horizontal side. That is to enable the tool arm to slide nicely inside the main body.

how to build belt sander           how to build belt sander

After welding you can grind the welding mark. If you do so make sure you grind it flat as possible as you still need to weld few more items on to the top side of the main body.

how to build belt sanderIn hind sight you i should have assemble the part in away the well will be on the sides and not on top and bottom. That will ensure the top to be flat. If you do that you will have to change the dimension of parts A,B and C.

Now it time to attached bearings ‘bracket’ (parts F) to the main body.

Bolt the two F parts to achieve the exact width and make sure they are parallel to each other. Then position them in the right location under main body and make sure in is in 90 ̊to it and clump it.

You can use set square or one big lump of steel.

how to build belt sander             how to build belt sander

Now weld the front leg (Part E)

how to build belt sander             how to build belt sander

And lastly you need to attached legs base (parts G) and the leg for the tracking pulley hinge.

how to build belt sander

I advise you to mark the position of the parts by using   ‘engineers marking out fluid’ as a back ground for the scribing mark. you can use heavy duty felt tip marker. It is do the job just as well and cost a lot less, and last longer.

That it. in the next post I will continue with assembling the tracking hinge and the  tension spring.







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How to pack meat in the deep freezer

Or ‘How not to pack meat in the deep freezer’ 

My house in England is surrounds by grazing fields. Now here is the problem. the summer in England is wet and everything is growing like mad. You literally stick wood’s twig cutting in the ground and it will start to grow.

How to pack meat

So the solution is to keep the grass at bay.  Or by using a topper dragged by tractor or use animals (Eat the grass, that is). In the last several years, during the summer I raised two cows at a time, Letting them to grazed on the fields. They seem to do good job.


My topper          How to pack meat in the deep freezer.

Then sadly or not, around December we send them to the abattoir, and asked a butcher to sort it out for us.

We asked him to pack the meat joints in labelled (black felt marker, mistake number one)plastic bags, ranging in weight from one kilo up to four kilo for a bag. So we end up with around fifty bags.

Good Steak
Out of the bag.

Being me, I was meticulously pack them in the deep freezer, and in order to be efficient I pack them in tightly layers (mistake number two), using heavy duty nylon lining in between the layers. I mix deferent joints in each layer (mistake number three).

I was so proud of myself, it looks so good, all packed in order in the freezer . problem started after several months. As I should expected (but stupidly didn’t) the meat obviously expand and wedged itself tightly, one bag against the other. Being soft, when the meat was fresh, they haven manage to: not only wedged but to entwined themselves. It nearly literally frozen into one big rock hard lamp of meat. And as you can see, this is How Not to Pack Meat in Deep Freezer.

Meet in the freezer       Meat in the freezer

It almost resembled a block of concrete and as such, I had to use a masonry tools.


How to pack meat       Meat from the freezer

Not particularly nice or hygienic .

So in conclusion:

Make sure to label the bags in bold and clear text that not smeared out in the freezing process. Don’t, I mean Don’t over pack each layer. Don’t mix the joints, try and keep each kind in its own corner and make sure you can read the labels on the bags.

Bon appetite.




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Bird table on the gothic side

How I built bird table, from scrap piece of woods.

In this post I will talk about how I built a bird table.

We leave in England. The custom in the UK is to feed birds during the winter time.

Last winter our bird table die on us. There is no better incentive for me to do DIY along the house, then my wife threaten to buy a new stuff or to order a trades man.

So I pick up wood left- over from the box, draw some plans on my computer and piece together a bird table. I use exterior grade glue, non ferrous nails and galvanised screw.

Originally I didn’t bother with dimensions on the drawings, I simply print them. Then I glue the paper on the wood and cut it with my band saw.

When all the part been cut, I glue together the facade elements including the skirting elements . I then glue them to form the walls. When it dry I glue the parts mark on the drawings as Part O (Make sure to drill it prior to gluing).

Now go and glue the roof beams. Use glue and thin non ferrous nails. Push the nails from the external side of the wall to secure the beams.

Glue and nail the roof cover elements (not the lead ridge cover).

Glue and screw together the four element comprising (parts L & M) the ground post bracket.

Glue the wavy like skirting to the base.

When all parts are dry paint it, first with appropriate primer paint and then with at least three covers of exterior wood paint of your choice.

Cut piece of code 4 or less of lead (shape to your liking) in the length of the roof plus 3mm overhang on both sides, and secure it with small non ferrous nails.

Now you can fix all the elements, first attached the bracket to the base and then attached the house to it.

Drive a 100mm dia treated post in to the ground. Overall height from ground to top of base need to be around 1200mm.

When the bird table snugly fit in the bracket drill two holes and secure it to the post with two bolts.

Spread some bird food and her you go.

bird table  bird table

As you can see its turn to be gothic to some degree.



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How to build Burning Man stool.

This post is about how we build a stool made of burning man left over.

But first let me tell you how the idea for it came about.

Last summer we have been to the Israeli burning man, the Midburn. Our camp, ‘Camp Winners’ concentrate mainly in lazing about near the camp.

So we set about to invite people to hang around the camp. Every morning we came up with idea of how to involve the burners in activity near the camp.

One morning we decided to build a notice board. We decorate it to reflect the famous Western Wall in Jerusalem.

burning man stool

And invited people to be creative on it. we left some paint cans, brushes and big felt tip markers, and mainly left the burner to be creative on their own device.

burning man stool

But as you can see, some time we provided help.

burning man stool

The result was nice and we had a lot of fun with it.

At the end of the event my brother Hadar suggest that, instead of burn it, he can make small stools out of the board.

buringman stool

So back at home he was busy preparing drawings for sending the board to CNC cutting specialist.

Not only make the drawings, he actually send it for cutting.

burningman stool

We were four of us in the camp, and the board that was MDF 120cmx2400cm was to small, so he had to use another small board for the last two stoosl. But he used it mainly for the seat board support so you barely sees it.

And here it is…..

burning man stool

I am not sure, but I think he still have the drawings for it. he will be happy to share it (probably). Let me know if interested.




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