How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction  Instruction for beginner.  Part 5.


I decided to go wild. Hopefully by now my friends know me and won’t lift eyebrow, and if so the tough.

So, first, disassemble all the parts that  needs to be painted.

You will have to clean the metal parts firs. The best way is send blast, but for me it wasn’t viable option, so i thoroughly  wiped it with white spirit. I am sure there are better way but you will have to do the research for it. i then  sprayed paint it in primer paint.

Now the decoration is going to be skull silhouette (it was around Halloween at the time)  in black on top of yellow background paint. how to build belt sander

So I made stencils by using me boy book cover material leftover. Word of warning it is not good stuff for stencilling purposes.

Any way i found skull silhouettes on the internet, cut some A4 size sheets out of the book cover and print them on the paper side of the to build belt sander

You will have to cut out the black parts of the prints. Use the sharpest and most pointy knife you can to build belt sander

By now the primer paint as dried, so go about to paint the black colour, try and use the same paint manufacture for that.

When the paint is dry, peel the paper backing out of the stencils and stick it on the blacked belt sander and make sure it is properly stuck.  Now spray paint it with yellow paint (use the same paint manufacture). You can peel the  stencils when the paint is dry.

As you can see my result is not the best. It is dew bad paint and improper stencils material.

Assemble all the parts. I am sorry, you will have to work out which bolt go to were, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Once all is in the right place, step aside and ad stencils admire your work. If everything is okay it should look like to build belt sanderhow to build belt sander






Or better.

We nearly at the end. In the next and last post about’ How to build KMG type belt sander’ I will show you how I attaching the motor to the sander.


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Butternut squash soup with pulled pork and kale


The Butternut squash soup, like so many times in the past, started with what I got in the fridge, and how many time I have got for do the cooking.

As you imagine, I had pulled pork left over from day before. Ideally you don’t want it to be dry or to spicy, as you don’t want it to over-power the butternut overall flavour of the soup.

I told you about kale, witch I have in abundant in the deep freezer. Same goes to chicken stock. And we have plenty of garlic, that left from the summer.

So no brainer, easy as one and one equal two (hopefully i am not wrong).


1 Butter-nut squash.

14 Big garlic cloves.

2 Small onions.

Olive oil.

Few sprigs of parsley.

½ Teaspoon turmeric.

1 Teaspoon ground coriander.

1.5LT Chicken stock.

3 Cups pulled pork.

2 Cups cooked kale.


Peel the butternut, cut it to big chunks and put it in a baking dish. Add the peeled and halved onions, and the wash but unpeeled garlic to the same dish. Add seasoning and some olive oil and bake in the oven at 220˚C for twenty five minutes.

Five minutes before the end of the cooking time, put the stock, the parsley and the spices in a large enough pan and bring to gently boil.

Add the onion and the butternut to the stock and squeeze in the garlic (as you cooked it in its’ shell).

Cook to soup for several minutes.

Now the fun bit. Either use hand held blender or  food processor, mush and blend the vegetables that in the soup (not to smoothly) . Add the kale and the meat and like always,  gently boil for few minutes. To make sure the kale and the meat is: One, thoroughly cook and two, to let all the flavours blend nicely.

You can serve it as is. You don’t have to add cream or butter (although its look nice in a photo). The soup is rich enough.

Mind you, to eat the soup with Soup Almonds  its always good. In fact, it is always good to eat soup with Soup Almonds.

Butternut squash soup
Soup almonds or SHEKEDIM as they known in Israel

One last thing. Big tip for taking food photos.

Wait until the food is cool down. You don’t want the steam distort the image.

Take many photos and look at them in YOUR COMPUTER and not on your camera screen.  You want to make sure the photos are graphically good. There are always smear of sauce, steam, bubbles, shadow on the wrong place, food not looking good on the plate or in the cooking dish, you get the picture.

If need be re take the photos (obviously after sorting the problem). Ones it be eaten you can’t take the photo again.

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How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction  Instruction for beginner.  Part 4.

Construction of the platen.

First thing is to drill and thread parts (J and H). It is bit tricky, as the threads for the bolts connecting parts (J and H) need to be very precise. No much point for me to tell you how i do it (i don’t think it was good method). However try to pre mark the location of the holes by asking the laser specialist to do it. then try to clump the part together and drill both at the same time. And pay attention when you do the threads.  Don’t forget to do the countersink holes as you want it to look nice.

How to build belt sander

As it large enough, you can ask the laser man to cut the hols for housing the platen rollers.

Again it is very important to attached the rollers parallel to each other.

Now start with the platen plate parts (I and K).

You need to do the slots for the bolt on parts (k) and make sure it’s okay by measuring  it against flat piece holding to the rollers.

Hoe to build belt sander

Mark the location on plate (I) and weld. Make sure it is straight.How to build belt sander

Yeah well, as i say, i am not a welder.

Two more posts to go. In the next one i will talk about the decoration.



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Wood carving knives set

Set of five carving knives that I made, base on Japanese design.

I made the carving knives, to do some wood carving that I been working on. The blades are made from 5160 steel scavenged from car suspension spring and the handles are made from oak wood. The blades dimension vary from 35mm up to 55mm and the handles are all 120mm.

Wood carving knives set

Some of the blades shape work very well and some not. I think the blades that are not working for me, are rather  Japanese in style. They probably use it in a deferent way then i do. If you hold it wrong it tend to cut your finger which is less the desirable. The more western style blade work very well.

As you can see, I didn’t use  one of the blades, as its shape is curve and I can’t sharpen it with the tools that I got. Maybe I  got the tools but I don’t know how to use it. so any advice will do.



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Kale, the green vegetable

Kale and how to cut it or how I re invent the wheel .

At home we have a polytunnel, and some of us do the Paleo diet. So, every summer we grow plenty of kale. Now, you can grow Kale outdoor but  from biter experience, it’s not worth it. Where we live, in England, I didn’t have good result with it.

Alas, do it in the Polytunnel and you will end up with lots and lots of Kale. All the way through the summer up to December.

We are two in the house, and there is so much we can eat. Any excess been either given to friend or store in the deep freezer.

In any case, if it stay with us I need to cut the tough stalk (not that it’s not good to eat, but it take more time to cook then the rest of the leaf, and I can’t be bother to cook it in stages).

Problem is, the leaves come in many lengths.

How to prepare kale for cooking It is not efficient to cut the leaves one by one. You do it in batches, of as much as you can hold in your hand.  But as the leaves are in deferent length and one tendency is the hold the Kale leaves from the stalk, you lose  a lot of good leaves, as you cut according to the length of the long leaves.

How to prepare kale for cooking What you want is to hold them in a way that all the leaves tips are in the same level.

How to prepare kale for cooking If the leaves position like that, and you cut the stalks according to the length of the shortest leaf, you get read of the though stalks  from the long ones, but you don’t lose a lot from the short ones.

How to prepare kale for cooking   How to prepare kale for cooking

Having say all of that, it doesn’t matter which way you cut it, you still don’t want to find…How to prepare kale for cooking In it. so wash it well. In this case, one by one is preferable.


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