How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction Instruction for beginner. Part 3.

Construction of the tracking hinge.

Letters for various components refer for the marking on the drawings / photos. See previous posts.

Begin by inserting the axel (O) to the brackets (P). Don’t fit it too tight. Then weld part (S) to the sleeve (U).  Now clump it to bracket base (Q). Note the chamfered hedge for better welding.

How to build belt sander

Then  weld part (R) to the tracking hinge arm (Part N), again drill and thread it before welding. And we done.

The spring.

How to build belt sander

I found it tricky. You have the spring but i couldn’t find a proprietary  part to attached it to the main body and the  tracking hinge arm. So i had to improvised.

I  insert two wooden plugs into both sides of the spring. I form the plugs in a way to allow me to insert the spring platform into them.

Now secure M8 bolt into the pre drill and thread on top of the main body (Part A) and into part (R).

Fix the spring platforms to the bottom bolt and the one in part (R). Now you can slides the spring (with the wooden plugs in it) on to the bolts. Finally secure it with nuts.

How to build belt sander

And voila!!!

How to build belt sander

In the next post we will do the platen.

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