How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction  Instruction for beginner.  Part 7.

Commissioning the sander

Before you start the motor for the first time, try to make sure that all the pulleys and the platen are align. Start the motor, using the lowest possible speed.

It is out most important to make sure that the rest table is parallel, dead right angle and align to the platen. If not you will find it impossible to symmetrically shape the bevel on both sides of the blade .

Do start your practice on the sander by using a jig. Here you can see my primitive jig. I use the nails as marker to make sure that the position of the blade is exact on both sides.

jig fo knife making             jig for knife making

jig for knife making

The internet is full of jig design, so go there and choose one that you like.

My is not particular good. The bolt to adjust the angle of the jig is scrunching the rest table and I suspect it will ruined it in the end. I saw one that look promising on the internet. I don’t know who made it, but look on the web.

jig for knife making

If your belt sander is not dead straight, you will find that even with jig it’s difficult to make the blade bevel symmetrical. One way to solve that problem is to free hand sand the blade. Don’t use jig, just hold the blade with your hands ( the internet is full about that technique).

I started with a jig but I found that the more experience I obtain using the belt sander, the more I can use the free hands technique.

Word of advice.

I been trading two of my knives with nice well equipped table router. So I was very anxious to start using the machine. I forged out of old  car suspension spring coil two nice blades.

hand made knife

Took it to the belt sander and,,,,,,,, ruined it.

For the last twelve years  I built my knives using nothing (mainly) but hand tools. What do I know about using belt sander?

So, make yourself (or get it from some ware) few knives blanks from mild steel  (it is easier on the belt) and practice. Also you can practice on wooden blank, it is not the same as steel blank but it will give you idea about the grinding pattern on the blade.

Don’t, don’t start with blade you want to do knife with, until you confident that you can do it.

Last word on How to build a KMG type belt sander

As I mention on the first post, I thought to publish(for the British crowd) the parts supplier’s names. But by the time you will read the post (GOOGLE do not favour with me) they will probably cease to exists.  Instead I tried   to write the parts professional names, so you can look for them on the net.

Due to my limited knowledge in web blog design. I can’t post PDF or DWG files. If you want  KMG 2”x72” belt sander DWG or PDF files, well you will have to email me and I can email it to you.

That it.



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Handmade knife

My new Knife model LAG11

I am not sure what the knife’s style is. But it is very pointy with moderate sweep edge that is good (in a way) to food making.

The blade made from O1 steel with deferential hardening, twice temper to achieve 62 HRc. Blade is secure to handle with brass screw at the top of the handle.

Handel is made out of hard wood and treated with few layers of Danish oil, brass guard and plastic spacers.

Handmade knifeHandmade knife





Overall length: 280mm

Blade length: 137mm

Blade thickness: 5mm

Similar knife but with walnut handle is for sell for modest sum of £225 including postage in the UK mainland.

Please contact me if interested.

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App for EBooks reader

Low tech (and high tech) app for EBooks reader.

Let’s start by saying that our library is been full to the bream for several years now. We have a shelving space that amount to 50 meters in length. It’s getting out of control.

Fortunately they invent the EBooks reader. We started to use it few years ago and (as they say) never look back. No shelf space is needed anymore.

Though, as the format of EBooks is still not good for it,  one exception is apply.  we do continue to buy, read and use reference books in paper.

So, were are the Apps?

here it’s come.

The first one is not for everybody taste I admit, but hey, it’s my blog.

As I told you these days I am reading books only on EBooks reader. So far I have found two major problems. As I don’t hold papers in my hands, I don’t have papers corners anymore. So  I can’t clean my nails.

My app is coming to solve that problem.  As the principal of the device is what important, I won’t show you how to do it.  all you have to do is to fix the app (see image below) on both sides of your tablet .


App for EBooks reader

And problem solved.

App to EBooks reader

The second problem of EBooks reader is :

As it is digital book, you can’t dedicate the book to somebody by writing dedication in the first page of the book.

The idea of the app is to enable the EBook purchaser to be able to write DIGITALY his dedication on the EBook , prior to send the purchase cod to the recipient of to book.

Something like that…..

App to EBooks reader

The app is more sophisticated in execution. I tried to interest Amazon but they can’t be bother.

So hopefully someone   from my millions followers will develop it.

If you do, life time of EBooks supply will be nice.


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Dutch oven and smoke flavoured chicken with potatoes

As the name suggest it is a recipe for smoke flavoured chicken with potatoes cooked in Duch oven ion wood burner stove.

It was early Saturday evening when me and Tamsin return from nice walk around Low pool near Helston down in Cornwall UK.

So none of us add energy to cook supper, then Tamsin lit the fire in the stove. During that activity she add un epiphany, she turn back to me and said: Why don’t we cook the already defrost chicken thigh and cook it in the stove?

Dutch oven recipe

So make long story short, we did. It was very good and i will share it with you.


We have a small Dutch oven 210mm in diameter that can accommodate the given quantity.

1 Dutch oven (

1 Wood burner stove.

4 Chicken thighs.

3 Medium size potatoes quartered.

2 Roughly sliced carrots.

150mm long polish smoke kielbasas, sliced.

1 Teaspoon garlic powder.

1 Teaspoon onion powder.

1 Teaspoon sweet paprika.

1 Teaspoonful ground coriander seeds.

½ teaspoon turmeric.

1 Stalk tarragon.

Olive oil.

Salt and pepper.

Water to two third cover the chicken thighs.


You can cook everything using the Dutch oven, on the stove while you let the woods burn into smouldering hashes.

Anyway, fry the thighs in little bit of oil until golden. Drain the fat, then.

Then put all the test of the Ingredients in the pan, making sure the thigh are completely submerge in the stock. It is okay to let the potatoes be (to some degree) out of the stock, as it’s help them to get nice golden colour.

Boil the lot for few minutes (covered with the pan lid).

By now the woods in the stove turn to hashes (still smouldering). It is time to put the pan in the stove. Move the hashes to the sides of the oven and put the dish in the middle, and shut the stove door.

It take around one hour for the dish to be ready. During this time you better check it and add some more water (boiling) and or woods if needed. Don’t be too generous with the water, as you don’t want the dish to be too runny.

Dutch oven recipe


P.S   As it was very good dish, expect some more recipes that are going to come from the stove and the Dutch oven.




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How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction  Instruction for beginner.  Part 6.

 Building the motor base and attaching it to  the sander.

I saw the design for the base in one of the British knives forums. I can’t remember the name of the person who wrote the article. If someone do, please let me  know and i will gladly give him his due credit.

This time it is not that important to cut it very precise, but make sure that the dimensions of the cutting will allow you to mount the motor.

Begin by drill and thread all the necessary.

Then all you have to do is to weld parts (e) on top of part (c), then part (b) to part (c).

belt sanderBelt sander Belt sander

My best weld so far. Pity is through word  the end of the construction.Belt sander

Now, weld part (d) to part (a).

Assemble everything as in the plan and the photos.

Belt sander Belt sander

and you done.

Belt sander             Belt sander You don’t have to worry about how to tension the belt, as the weight of the motor will look after that.

As you can see from the images I had to mount it on top of piece  of wood. So or do better design or get piece of wood.

And finally, my pride and joy seat proudly on newly built work bench. All there is to do is to mount the electric box on the wall.

Belt sander

That it, but….. I will post another post in regards of The Belt sander. It’s going to be about commissioning the sander and some tips & tricks after few weeks of using it.





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