My latest knife

My latest knife, made as part of trade in for nice table router, with plenty of bits.

The knife is in the style of outdoor general purpose skinner, for the more serious outdoor person.

The blade made from O1 steel with deferential hardening, twice temper to achieve 62 HRc. Blade is secure to handle with mosaic pin.

Handel is made out of hard wood and treated with few layers of Danish oil, brass guard and plastic spacers.Hand made knife

Weight: 185gr.

Overall length: 265mm

Blade length: 140mm

Blade thickness: 5mm

Similar knife but with walnut handle is for sell for modest sum of £223 including postage in the UK mainland.

Please contact me if interested.

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Tomatoes salad

It is not just tomatoes salad, it is Middle Eastern Tomatoes Salad (ho, there is a lot of deferent). And as a bonus, I will deal with the question:  what is Sumac.

Plain and simple. Surprisingly good, light on the stomach and very refreshing.  Although using raw onion and it can give very potent smell and taste to the salad, don’t wary, the sumac will mallow down that effect and also will add zesty flavour to the salad. Tomatoes salad

All you need is:

8 Good firm tomatoes.

1 Medium red onion.

Half a cup green olives stuffed with pimento.

2 Heap full tablespoon pumpkin seeds.

1 Big garlic clove.

1Teaspoon  sumac * powder.

Salt and pepper.

Olive oil, the best you can afford.



All you have to do is to dice the vegetable to small bits (the garlic to smaller pieces). Mix everything together with the seeds and sumac, then  seasoning  to taste and adjust according to your liking.

add the oil mix and serve.


* Sumac Sumac plant

Sumac is shrub and small tree that can reach a height of 1–10 m (3.3–32.8 ft).

The dried drupes of some species are ground into a reddish-purple powder to produce a tangy crimson spice.

Sumac slowerSumac pouder







Text and photos curtsy of Wikipedia .

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Home Made Drill Drum Sander

In the process of making  knives, there is time  that you really need Drill Drum Sander. It is especially important  to reach small corner like the guard and some other section of the handle.

Indeed, one can use sand paper strips and rasps. but as I discovered, to get aesthetically pleasing  result and to make the process a lot faster, you need  Drill Drum Sander.

You can buy Drill Drum Sander and they are easy to find. But it is expensive.

So, true to myself, I thought I will build one. And following are my  way to do it.

I will show two methods to do it. For one, you need Band Saw. For the second method, you will need Hole Saw Cutter.

You will also need: Good quality  Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Paper in various grit size, few pieces of hard wood to accommodate your intention drum sizes, contact glue, Arbore  Assembly kit and a divider (compass).Home made drill drum sander

First mark a bold dot on the piece of wood that you using, then mark on it  the diameter for your intentional drum. Home made drill drum sander

Now you need to cut it. you can use one or two method to do it (or any other way). Either use the band saw or use the hole saw cutter (but for that, you need a drill press).home made drill drum sander

If you use the band saw  you will have to finishing the shape of the drum by sanding it.

To do it (fast) you can use disc sander as in the photo below.Home made drill drum sander

Now that you have nice smooth edged drum, you need to cut matching strip of sand paper. Cut the end of the strip in diagonal way wrap it around the drum,  mark the other end and cut it.Home made drill drum sander

Apply  glue to the drum and the sand paper (best to follow instruction given by the glue manufacturer) and attached one to the other.

All you have to do is to attached the drum to the arbore shank and here you have it.

Home made drill drum sander  Home made drill drum sander




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