Holder for knives guard shaping

How I make guard holder to help me  shaping it to the desirable shape.

I am making all my knives guards from scratch. Either I use readymade metal bar or I cast it myself, using mainly Zink and sometime aluminium.

You can see my old post about how I cast it and then cut it to shape. (link to post).

Before you shape the metal bar, you must do the hole for the tong , making sure that is fit perfect and there is no the tiniest gap between the knife blade and the guard.

If all is well and the fit is correct, then the fun part begin. The shaping of the guard.

You cut the general shape of the guard, preferably using a template. Then using either electric tolls (if you lucky enough to have them), or hand tools i.e. sand papers and files. I have got a old Dremel so I use it in combination with the files.

If you do it by hand, then for doing a good job you need to hold the work piece very firmly .

So I give you the GUARD HOLDER.

All you need is a piece of wood (properly hard wood), bolt with diameter that is close as possible to the dimension of the tong hole, two washers and two nuts.

Holder for knives guard shaping

Grind the bolt to the width of the guard hole.  drill hole In your piece of wood,   to the same diameter of the bolt.  And  that it, its finish.

All you have to do now is to secure the wood in a vice and to attached the guard to it, and you good to go.

Holder for knives guard shaping


I will recommend you to use bolt made of the same material as the guard, otherwise the sharp edges of the bolt can bite into the hole and can ruin the tight fitness between the tong and the guard.

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Matzoth leftover recipe.

The Pizza brei

As you all know, the Jewish Pas-over holiday celebrated not long ago. Traditionally during the holiday the Jewish eat Matzo bread.


My grandmother Hanna used the Matzos left over to do dish called Matzo brei. It is traditionally Jewish dish. You mix crushed Matzoth, milk and eggs together and then fry it in a shallow frying pan. You can eat it sweet as pudding or as savoury dish.

It so happen that I end up with box of Matzos, and coincidentally I love pizza, so the leap from that to my new recipe, Pizza brei , was very short.

My dear readers I give you the Pizza brei.1/4


400gr Matzoth, roughly crushed.

3 Eggs.

1 Cup chicken stock.

250gr Mozzarella cheese.

Some slice pepperoni.

½ Cup green olives, halves.

1 Tined chopped tomatoes.

1 Teaspoon thyme.

¼ Teaspoon turmeric.

Garlic powder.

Onion powder.

Olive oil.


Empty the tined tomatoes to deep frying pan add the garlic and onion powder (adjust to your taste). Turn the heat and bring to boil. Once it is boiling lower the heat and keep simmering until the sauce is thickening. You don’t want to see running liquid.

roughly crush the Matzoth, mix in the thyme and the turmeric, add salt and pepper and mix. Pour in the cold stock and let soak for several minutes. Add the eggs and mix.

Oil 30cm heavy frying pan and pour in the Matzoth blend. On top of it, pour the tomatoes sauce.

Scattered the pepperoni and the olives then, on top of it the mozzarella and you good to go.

Bake it in pre heated oven, at 190 degrees C for twenty minutes.



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Protective watch cover

Today post is about how I make myself  a protective  watch cover.

I have this nice Swiss watch but the problem is, that it is not suitable for me. This days i spend most of my time out side of the house. Be it gardening, knives making, wood working, stone working  or any other  type of handicraft that involving the usage of noisy electric tools.  So you can see the problem. Swiss watch and my activity doesn’t go together.

I would sale it but, my son dare me not,  he want to inherit it. But still, what the point of having watch that i like and not to be able to wear it?

I decided to get a protective cover for it, and being me,  I also decided to make it myself.

So here is how I make it.

I got plenty of raw leather, I know how to work with it, so I am going to make it out of leather.

First you need to build a mould, to form the leather top cover.

Protective watch cover

Measure the diameter of your watch  and drill a shallow socket in  block of wood. It need to be in the  more or less the depth of the thickness of your watch.

Now build the wooden plug. Subtract two times the thickness of your leather (mine is 3mm, so I subtract 6mm) from the diameter of the socket and cut the plug. Use a wood file or whatever have you, to round the sharp hedge of the plug, but only from one side.

Cut peace of leather  roughly the length of the: socket diameter, two times the depth of it plus 40mm.

Protective watch cover

Wet  the leather, lay it on top of the socket and press the wooden plug into it. clamp it in a vise and wait few hours until its’ dry.

Take out the plug and cut the excess of leather to shape the top cover. Leave 20m length of leather on two sides, roughly the width of your watch strap.

Protective watch cover

For the next stage you will need peace of thin leather , say 1.5mm thickness , contact cement glue, few  heavy duty poppers (snap studs), Leather hole-punchers and a shoe polish or leather dye.

Protective watch cover

From the thin peace of leather cut two straps, the length that can wrap around the watch strap (see main photo).  Dye the straps and the top cover but, make  sure not to dye the leather in places  where you are going to glue it.  Glue the straps to the top cover and punch the holes for the poppers.

Protective watch cover

Then rivet the poppers.

Protective watch cover

At  this stage, if you are not too lazy (like me), you can stitch the straps around the poppers  to the top cover to give it extra strength. Since its a prototype, I couldn’t be bothered.

Anddddddd,  here you have it.

Protective watch cover



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