About me

I am Ronen (spot me on my home page)

As it happened I studied architecture in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem some years ago.

I move to Cornwall England with my family in the beginning of the new millennia and find myself without a lot of social life but with a lot of resources. So I started to busy myself doing what I like to do. Well it is as my blog description say, do all sort of stuff relating to art and craft. As you can see they are pretty varies and as consequence I am not pretending to be expert in any of my activity (apart of being architect).

Having said that, I do know a lot about knife making. I been learning and do it for the last fifteen years.

I found that keeping record for the result of all my activity is somewhat difficult. So blogging sound nice to me. I can keep record of my stuff, I can socialise with like minded people, help other in my own small way, by showing my way to do things and maybe to part away from thing that I make (I exhausted all my relative and friends by giving them stuff and cooking them my recipes).

The other day I told my friend in the States, about it and gently as he could, he suggested me to use some editor. To put it bluntly: someone who knows English. Alas I can’t do it, it will take me forever to enter new post yet along to answer to people.

So, that was the nascent of ‘The Dyslexics Crafts Man’ and I am not going to apologise about my English again.

Have fun.