App for EBooks reader

Low tech (and high tech) app for EBooks reader.

Let’s start by saying that our library is been full to the bream for several years now. We have a shelving space that amount to 50 meters in length. It’s getting out of control.

Fortunately they invent the EBooks reader. We started to use it few years ago and (as they say) never look back. No shelf space is needed anymore.

Though, as the format of EBooks is still not good for it,  one exception is apply.  we do continue to buy, read and use reference books in paper.

So, were are the Apps?

here it’s come.

The first one is not for everybody taste I admit, but hey, it’s my blog.

As I told you these days I am reading books only on EBooks reader. So far I have found two major problems. As I don’t hold papers in my hands, I don’t have papers corners anymore. So  I can’t clean my nails.

My app is coming to solve that problem.  As the principal of the device is what important, I won’t show you how to do it.  all you have to do is to fix the app (see image below) on both sides of your tablet .


App for EBooks reader

And problem solved.

App to EBooks reader

The second problem of EBooks reader is :

As it is digital book, you can’t dedicate the book to somebody by writing dedication in the first page of the book.

The idea of the app is to enable the EBook purchaser to be able to write DIGITALY his dedication on the EBook , prior to send the purchase cod to the recipient of to book.

Something like that…..

App to EBooks reader

The app is more sophisticated in execution. I tried to interest Amazon but they can’t be bother.

So hopefully someone   from my millions followers will develop it.

If you do, life time of EBooks supply will be nice.


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Home Made Drill Drum Sander

In the process of making  knives, there is time  that you really need Drill Drum Sander. It is especially important  to reach small corner like the guard and some other section of the handle.

Indeed, one can use sand paper strips and rasps. but as I discovered, to get aesthetically pleasing  result and to make the process a lot faster, you need  Drill Drum Sander.

You can buy Drill Drum Sander and they are easy to find. But it is expensive.

So, true to myself, I thought I will build one. And following are my  way to do it.

I will show two methods to do it. For one, you need Band Saw. For the second method, you will need Hole Saw Cutter.

You will also need: Good quality  Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Paper in various grit size, few pieces of hard wood to accommodate your intention drum sizes, contact glue, Arbore  Assembly kit and a divider (compass).Home made drill drum sander

First mark a bold dot on the piece of wood that you using, then mark on it  the diameter for your intentional drum. Home made drill drum sander

Now you need to cut it. you can use one or two method to do it (or any other way). Either use the band saw or use the hole saw cutter (but for that, you need a drill press).home made drill drum sander

If you use the band saw  you will have to finishing the shape of the drum by sanding it.

To do it (fast) you can use disc sander as in the photo below.Home made drill drum sander

Now that you have nice smooth edged drum, you need to cut matching strip of sand paper. Cut the end of the strip in diagonal way wrap it around the drum,  mark the other end and cut it.Home made drill drum sander

Apply  glue to the drum and the sand paper (best to follow instruction given by the glue manufacturer) and attached one to the other.

All you have to do is to attached the drum to the arbore shank and here you have it.

Home made drill drum sander  Home made drill drum sander




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Bird table on the gothic side

How I built bird table, from scrap piece of woods.

In this post I will talk about how I built a bird table.

We leave in England. The custom in the UK is to feed birds during the winter time.

Last winter our bird table die on us. There is no better incentive for me to do DIY along the house, then my wife threaten to buy a new stuff or to order a trades man.

So I pick up wood left- over from the box, draw some plans on my computer and piece together a bird table. I use exterior grade glue, non ferrous nails and galvanised screw.

Originally I didn’t bother with dimensions on the drawings, I simply print them. Then I glue the paper on the wood and cut it with my band saw.

When all the part been cut, I glue together the facade elements including the skirting elements . I then glue them to form the walls. When it dry I glue the parts mark on the drawings as Part O (Make sure to drill it prior to gluing).

Now go and glue the roof beams. Use glue and thin non ferrous nails. Push the nails from the external side of the wall to secure the beams.

Glue and nail the roof cover elements (not the lead ridge cover).

Glue and screw together the four element comprising (parts L & M) the ground post bracket.

Glue the wavy like skirting to the base.

When all parts are dry paint it, first with appropriate primer paint and then with at least three covers of exterior wood paint of your choice.

Cut piece of code 4 or less of lead (shape to your liking) in the length of the roof plus 3mm overhang on both sides, and secure it with small non ferrous nails.

Now you can fix all the elements, first attached the bracket to the base and then attached the house to it.

Drive a 100mm dia treated post in to the ground. Overall height from ground to top of base need to be around 1200mm.

When the bird table snugly fit in the bracket drill two holes and secure it to the post with two bolts.

Spread some bird food and her you go.

bird table  bird table

As you can see its turn to be gothic to some degree.



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How to build Burning Man stool.

This post is about how we build a stool made of burning man left over.

But first let me tell you how the idea for it came about.

Last summer we have been to the Israeli burning man, the Midburn. Our camp, ‘Camp Winners’ concentrate mainly in lazing about near the camp.

So we set about to invite people to hang around the camp. Every morning we came up with idea of how to involve the burners in activity near the camp.

One morning we decided to build a notice board. We decorate it to reflect the famous Western Wall in Jerusalem.

burning man stool

And invited people to be creative on it. we left some paint cans, brushes and big felt tip markers, and mainly left the burner to be creative on their own device.

burning man stool

But as you can see, some time we provided help.

burning man stool

The result was nice and we had a lot of fun with it.

At the end of the event my brother Hadar suggest that, instead of burn it, he can make small stools out of the board.

buringman stool

So back at home he was busy preparing drawings for sending the board to CNC cutting specialist.

Not only make the drawings, he actually send it for cutting.

burningman stool

We were four of us in the camp, and the board that was MDF 120cmx2400cm was to small, so he had to use another small board for the last two stoosl. But he used it mainly for the seat board support so you barely sees it.

And here it is…..

burning man stool

I am not sure, but I think he still have the drawings for it. he will be happy to share it (probably). Let me know if interested.




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Car rear view mirror.

Car rear view mirror, why not?

I got that not so bad, but also not that cheap car. it got all sort of electric battens doing a lot of things, including (as one except) adjusting the sides mirrors.


You can understand the needs for that. My children pass the driving test (thanks god for that), so time to time they been using the car. Problem is, they always changing the position of the seat and the  angle of the mirrors ( not to mention the radio channel).

Alas, as I mention, I got all this wonderful electric battens, so it is not a big deal to readjust everything.  All is return to normal.

However coming night, then you realise that the rear view mirror is no longer show the rear view. Yes, you will say no problem, just use your hand to adjust it. But it is a German car and nothing is flimsy there (nearly), so you need to be a small superman to do it. Trying to do it on the road with one hand is not that easy.

So…. why the wise engineers could not make another batten to enable me to adjust  the rear view  mirror electrically ?

I will be glad to hear from somebody that have a good answer for that.

Drive safely.


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