Biltong ‘sweets’.

I love savoury thing. Now and then I have the urge for something to munch at and I always regret not having savoury ‘sweets’. I know some of you guys will jump and say: just have a packet of crisps but, you can’t suck on crisps. On the other hand you can do it on a well dry biltong. So I decided to make a Biltong ‘sweets’.


you will need:

Fruit Dehydrator (don’t be like me and buy cheap one).

Safari biltong mix.

Cellophane paper (may sure it is the real one that once you bend / twist it, it will remain it’s new shape).

1kg Top side beef joint.

What to do:

Trim all the fat and gristle from the meat, then cut the meat to 4x2mm cubes. Put everything in a bowl.

Measure 45gr of the biltong mix and mix it well with the meat. Leave covered in the fridge over night.

Biltung sweets
Biltong Sweets
Biltong Sweets

Next morning, arrange the meat on the dehydrator shelves. Turn on the machine and let it work for around fifteen hours. You want the meat to be dry but to leave some moisture in the middle. That way it will feel like real sweet sweet , i.e. dry enough to suck on to begin with and then more chewable toward the end. By now the meat cubes shrink to half its size, perfect the size of normal humbug sweet. You can now cut the rough corners of the meat to make it more symmetrical.

Biltong Sweets
biltong sweets

Cut the cellophane to rectangular sheets the size of 120x90mm. put one piece of dry meat at one end of the cellophane and roll it all the way to the other end. Hold it, with your two hands and twist both ends in opposite direction at the same time. Yes I know that my explanation is not that good, but it’s not really rocket science.

biltong sweets

Now put all the individual ‘sweets’ in a bag and store it in the fridge. You can keep it there for two weeks or you can frizz it for longer. Bon appétit.


biltong sweets

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Pork stew with mushrooms

Simple but very reassuring (especially in the winter time) pork stew with mushrooms. Not a lot to say about it, just cook it and see for yourself. I can’t remember how many people it will feed but, if you use a 1.5 kg meat and you consider 250gr per person than, it will feed six people or four hungry one.

You will need i.e. ingredient :

1.5kg Pork shoulder cut into cubes roughly 1”x1”.
3 Medium size onions sliced, not to thin.
2 celery stalk roughly sliced.
300gr chestnuts mushrooms, halved.
Few parsley stalks chopped.
500ml Chicken stock.
400ml Coconuts milk.
1.5 teaspoon coriander powder.
50gr Butter.
1.5 Tablespoon olive oil.
Black pepper and salt.

How to cook it:

Use heavy pan, preferably cast iron one. In it melt some butter and the oil, brown the meat on all sides for several minutes than, add the onions and the celery and sallow fry (sauté rather) the all lot for fifteen minutes or there about, until the vegetables are soft but make sure they are not over cooked to become sort of slimy mix.
Add the mushrooms and keep frying for two more minutes. Add the stock and the coconuts milk and gently mix. Bring to gentle boil then lower the heat and keep it on the fire for fife more minutes.
Take it out of the hob (remember to turn off the fire) and put it in 170 degrees C in a  pre heat oven.
after one hour check the stew to see if it’s getting too dry, if so add more boiling water.
You can now lower the temp’ to 150 degrees for another one hour +. Some time you will have to leave it  in for another half an hour or so but that is to do with your experience and not set in stone.

Scattered the parsley on top of the stew and cover back. Let it rest for ten minutes. and it’s ready.

Try it and if good (or not) comment about it in the blog.
Bon appétit.

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Chicken and vegetables stew in wood burning stove.

Hi all

I am away for few weeks (going to New Zealand). So for the sake of my devoted followers (hope there are some, at all) I am publish this post. It was oh so busy last few days so I don’t have time to make it as a normal readable post. I just publish my initial recipe and when I be back I will type it in a normal way. In the mean time try and decipher my hand writing and the language.

Until next month, have fun.

Merry Christmas,


The recipe:

Chicken and vegetables stew in wood burning stove

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Monk fish in tomatoes and bell pepper Sauce

Simple but very effective (I.e. delicious) recipe. Try not to settle into buying the frozen fish, it will kill the dish. always buy fresh one,  otherwise I don’t have anything to add (just for the sake of Google robots), other then… as my apron say ‘just do it’.

Just do it


77g Pancetta.

4 Big tomatoes, quartered.

3 Medium onions, sliced.

2 Bell peppers, red and green, cut to stripes.

1½ teaspoon sweet paprika.

250ml chicken stock.

3 Tablespoon capers.

2 Descent size monk fish, de boned, clean and each cut in to two along the spine.

Salt and pepper.


Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Rub the monk fish all over  with half of the paprika and set aside.

Begin by gently fry the pancetta in heavy skillet. Just before golden add the peppers and continue to fry until the peppers start to burn.  Add the onions and sauté them until the onions become transparent and slightly soft.

Add the tomatoes and keep frying on medium heat. When the tomatoes starting to falling apart add the stock,  the remain of the paprika and the capers. Gently mix, bring to boil. Turn down the heat.

Add the fish into the skillet, making sure the fish is bury in the sauce. Bring back to gentle boil.

Cover the pan, remove from the fire and bake in the oven for twenty two minutes.

Bon appetite.


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Roast bell pepper and broad bean in Tahini sauce.

Very simple but surprisingly tasty recipe for Roast bell pepper and broad bean in Tahini sauce.

There is no much point to bang on about it for the sake of Google, so we get straight to business.

Just one last thing. As usual at this time of the year, we have plenty of vegetables grow in our garden.








For the vegetables:

3 Bell peppers in different colour, clean from the seeds and sliced to medium size strips.

½ Cup podded broad beans.

Handful yang brad beans, ends trim. If you can’t get yang beans, than add another cupful of podded broad beans.

1 teaspoon coriander powder.

Salt and pepper.

Olive oil.

For the Tahini sauce:

¾ cup row Tahini.

Juice of one big lemon.

Juice from pitted green olives  brine.

Handful finely chopped parsley.

1 Crushed garlic.

Salt and Pepper.



First make the Tahini sauce. Pour the row Tahini into a bowl, add the parsley, garlic and seasoning.

Add few tablespoon of the olive brine and mix, gradually add more until you got the Thaini to a consistency of double cream. At this stage add the lemon juice and mix well. By now the Tahini need to be runny as single cream. Set aside.

Add four (or there about) tablespoon olive oil into heavy skillet. Fry the pepper and the broad beans ( if you have them) until started to be golden than add the podded beans and keep fry the vegetables few more minutes until the podded beans started the brown.

Turn off the heat, set aside until cold. Add the Tahini sauce, gently mix, adjust the seasoning and here you have it.

Bon appétit

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