Clamp for knives making

Clamp for knives making

I will cut striate to the chase. Today post (long overdue) is about clamp / vise for holding tight the handle components against the knife guard after applying the glue.

Until recently I was using a clam that I wasn’t satisfied with. It was very difficult to make sure that the knife is absolutely seat striate in the clam. Often the deferent components of the handle are didn’t stay parallel to each other and some gaps appear between them. Gaps that been filled with the glue, and that effect is les then ideal.

Clamp for knives making

A while back I was showing to one of my One (and a half) day of knives making course’s student, how to use that old clamp. I also show him how I use a two pieces of tough leather for holding a blade in a vise  in order not to scratch the finis blade.

So then I realised that one can combine the two together i.e. to build a clamp that have a leather chicks that can hold the blade up striate and firm. It is a lot easier to use than my old clamp and I can also use it for when I need to clamp the blade for guard fitting.

Clamp for knives making  Clamp for knives making



Anyway, here it is been taking apart.

Clamp for knives making






That is all.


Haaa, apparently one can put the knife in the clamp, the other way around like that.

knives making clamp / vice


But, I some time use a tree branch cutting and the top of it (the top of the handle is) is rather not flat, so it will be difficult to lay it flat on the clam. Yes, yes I know I can cut flat the tree branch flat but , it’s not always possible.

In any case I needed to clamp a round top handle and there is some part of the blade itself protruding above the top of the handle. so I needed the knife to clamp blade part down.

Knives making clamp / vice
Not so good. Not parallel to the clamp face.
Knives making clamp / vice
That better.
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