Handmade knife

Two new handmade knives by RB

I finally got my light box, so I can take good (relatively) photos of my knives. Obviously one need to know his camera but I will get there in the end.

However here are my two newest knives.

Both support walnuts wood handles with plastic spacers and brass guards. The small blade is from 5160 steel with deferential heat treatment to the blade.

Handmade utility knife Handmade utility knife

Handmade knife


The long knife made of O1 steel and it deep in acid to expose the ‘Hamon’. In hindsight, O1 is not particular good steel for Hamon, but still it’s a sort of deferential heat treatment. It measure: overall length 265mm. blade 140mm and blade thickness 5mm.

Handmade knife Handmade knife

The small knife dimensions are (roughly) : overall length 185mm, blade 75mm and blade thickness 4mm.

Both blade have a flat grind bevels.

One can buy the knives for £220 for the long and £145 for the short.



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