Holder for knives guard shaping

Holder for knives guard shaping

How I make guard holder to help me  shaping it to the desirable shape.

I am making all my knives guards from scratch. Either I use readymade metal bar or I cast it myself, using mainly Zink and sometime aluminium.

You can see my old post about how I cast it and then cut it to shape. (link to post).

Before you shape the metal bar, you must do the hole for the tong , making sure that is fit perfect and there is no the tiniest gap between the knife blade and the guard.

If all is well and the fit is correct, then the fun part begin. The shaping of the guard.

You cut the general shape of the guard, preferably using a template. Then using either electric tolls (if you lucky enough to have them), or hand tools i.e. sand papers and files. I have got a old Dremel so I use it in combination with the files.

If you do it by hand, then for doing a good job you need to hold the work piece very firmly .

So I give you the GUARD HOLDER.

All you need is a piece of wood (properly hard wood), bolt with diameter that is close as possible to the dimension of the tong hole, two washers and two nuts.

Holder for knives guard shaping

Grind the bolt to the width of the guard hole.  drill hole In your piece of wood,   to the same diameter of the bolt.  And  that it, its finish.

All you have to do now is to secure the wood in a vice and to attached the guard to it, and you good to go.

Holder for knives guard shaping


I will recommend you to use bolt made of the same material as the guard, otherwise the sharp edges of the bolt can bite into the hole and can ruin the tight fitness between the tong and the guard.

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