Bushcrafts knife

How to build a bush craft knife, part 2.

Better then Ray Mears’s bush crafts knife.

I end last post with soldering the 4mm threaded rod to the knife tang. Today I will continue with making all the components for the handle,  how to fix it to the blade and how to finish the knife.

 I asked my acquaintance Mr Clive Freeman to drill 3.2mm hole through the middle of the brass rod, than I cut it into 10mm length segments.  I use 4mm tap to thread it into a nut, than I cut a narrow slot at the top of it, that will help to screw it to the tang. Bushcrafts knifeShaping  the wooden guards and the butt cap.

The guard have a compound shape, so to built it was partly like sculpturing. I use elliptical shape router bit on  my drill press,  to cut the wood for the guards in one direction. Home made knifeThen I traced the overall shape of the guards on to the wood, cut it on band saw  and by used a disc sander to form it into oval shape.  Bush crafts knife

The top side  and the bottom side of the guard are not the same size. I marked the bottom side, and again shaped it on the disc sander.

I clump it on the vice using (yet another) jig, and finish shape the top part of the guard.  I drill 4mm hole through the middle of the guard  and shape it to precisely fit the knife tang. Bush crafts knifeNext is the shaping of the wooden part of the opposite side of the handle, the butt cap . That was altogether easier, the part is symmetrical all around and I shaped it using my drill press as improvised lathe. Making knife handleI cut  leather sheet into 30x35mm rectangular pieces. I also cut the coloured plastic spacers into about the same size as the leather.

Now that I have all the various component of the knives handles, it’s time to glue it. Bush crafts knifeClean all the knife parts, blade and handle with acetone.  Clump the blade in a vice, point side down.

Prepare the glue. Apply some glue on the tang near the blade shoulders, and start to slide the handle materials on to the tang, one after the other, apply the glue as you progress.  Make sure that everything is strait and bolt it tight  with the brass nut that you prepared earlier.

The nut should protrude enough above the handle, to allow you to grind it flush with top of the handle,  without seeing the pre cut notch at the top of the brass nut.

After repeat the above  eleven times   I end up with these.

Bush crafts knives

Well that post become too long and I need to go and cook diner for my family, so I will do another post in few days time.

I am sorry if that post is to some degree massy. it was written in a rush.

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