Belt sander

How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction  Instruction for beginner.  Part 6.

 Building the motor base and attaching it to  the sander.

I saw the design for the base in one of the British knives forums. I can’t remember the name of the person who wrote the article. If someone do, please let me  know and i will gladly give him his due credit.

This time it is not that important to cut it very precise, but make sure that the dimensions of the cutting will allow you to mount the motor.

Begin by drill and thread all the necessary.

Then all you have to do is to weld parts (e) on top of part (c), then part (b) to part (c).

belt sanderBelt sander Belt sander

My best weld so far. Pity is through word  the end of the construction.Belt sander

Now, weld part (d) to part (a).

Assemble everything as in the plan and the photos.

Belt sander Belt sander

and you done.

Belt sander             Belt sander You don’t have to worry about how to tension the belt, as the weight of the motor will look after that.

As you can see from the images I had to mount it on top of piece  of wood. So or do better design or get piece of wood.

And finally, my pride and joy seat proudly on newly built work bench. All there is to do is to mount the electric box on the wall.

Belt sander

That it, but….. I will post another post in regards of The Belt sander. It’s going to be about commissioning the sander and some tips & tricks after few weeks of using it.





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