How to build belt sander for knife making

How to build KMG type belt sander

KMG 2”x72” belt sander for knife making. Construction  Instruction for beginner.  Part 7.

Commissioning the sander

Before you start the motor for the first time, try to make sure that all the pulleys and the platen are align. Start the motor, using the lowest possible speed.

It is out most important to make sure that the rest table is parallel, dead right angle and align to the platen. If not you will find it impossible to symmetrically shape the bevel on both sides of the blade .

Do start your practice on the sander by using a jig. Here you can see my primitive jig. I use the nails as marker to make sure that the position of the blade is exact on both sides.

jig fo knife making             jig for knife making

jig for knife making

The internet is full of jig design, so go there and choose one that you like.

My is not particular good. The bolt to adjust the angle of the jig is scrunching the rest table and I suspect it will ruined it in the end. I saw one that look promising on the internet. I don’t know who made it, but look on the web.

jig for knife making

If your belt sander is not dead straight, you will find that even with jig it’s difficult to make the blade bevel symmetrical. One way to solve that problem is to free hand sand the blade. Don’t use jig, just hold the blade with your hands ( the internet is full about that technique).

I started with a jig but I found that the more experience I obtain using the belt sander, the more I can use the free hands technique.

Word of advice.

I been trading two of my knives with nice well equipped table router. So I was very anxious to start using the machine. I forged out of old  car suspension spring coil two nice blades.

hand made knife

Took it to the belt sander and,,,,,,,, ruined it.

For the last twelve years  I built my knives using nothing (mainly) but hand tools. What do I know about using belt sander?

So, make yourself (or get it from some ware) few knives blanks from mild steel  (it is easier on the belt) and practice. Also you can practice on wooden blank, it is not the same as steel blank but it will give you idea about the grinding pattern on the blade.

Don’t, don’t start with blade you want to do knife with, until you confident that you can do it.

Last word on How to build a KMG type belt sander

As I mention on the first post, I thought to publish(for the British crowd) the parts supplier’s names. But by the time you will read the post (GOOGLE do not favour with me) they will probably cease to exists.  Instead I tried   to write the parts professional names, so you can look for them on the net.

Due to my limited knowledge in web blog design. I can’t post PDF or DWG files. If you want  KMG 2”x72” belt sander DWG or PDF files, well you will have to email me and I can email it to you.

That it.



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26 thoughts on “How to build KMG type belt sander”

  1. I’m trying to learn knifemaking and like you said, a belt grinder is a must especially when one wants it not only as a hobby but as a source of income. I hope you could share with me the plans for this grinder.

  2. Hello Ronen,
    We ( my Son and I) love your tutorial from de belt sander. We are going to try to make it. Please can you email your belt sander plans to me?

    Greetings Michel

  3. would love to get the belt sander plans if you are willing. i have two teenage boys that want to start knifemaking so we are going to build a grinder together first. thanks

  4. Hello,

    O’m Vu and leaving in Vietnam! And I love your tutorial from de belt sander. Can you send me the PDF plan please.


    1. Hi there
      thanks to Google I understand that you ask me: Hello, I like your advice, very simple but clear, could you send me your project of the sander? Thank you

      I will email you the drawings later on today.

  5. Hi, just found your site. Very informative.
    Would you be able to forward me the PDF for the belt grinder please.

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