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How to make Mosaic pins for your knives

How I make my mosaic pins

As always I do try to: One save money, by do it myself and Two learn how to do it.

So this post is all about I  built my mosaic pins, to decorating my knife.

The way I construct my hidden  tang knives is always (nearly) to mechanically secure the blade tang to the knife handle with a pin. I know modern epoxy are strong enough but I just like  the extra security.

I did try to built the mosaic pin directly on to the handle with the ‘security’ pin as integral part of it. it worked okay but I found it bit cumbersome technique, and I restricted to the  ‘security’ pin  always be  in the middle.

This days I use a different method. I build the mosaic pin in advance and use whatever materials I have. Then I use it to decorate the knife. In this method  I still have my  ‘security’ pin in the handle but it is hidden. The way I do it is like that: Mosaic pinNow for the subject of this post:  How do I build my mosaic pins.

First of all let me say that to use deferent metal pins is not the best practice, as deferent metals that been in contact with one another can cause the metals to corrode. You can read about it in:

For this post pin  I used: aluminium tube and brass roods in various diameters.   I believe that the glue is creating a insulation between the deferent metal  element, and my knife will spare the corrosion effect. I didn’t show it on the illustration, but I always roughen up (with a thin saw blade), the deep end of the rods to allow the glue a better grip.

How to make mosaic pins

I use a heat resistant epoxy,  as when sanding the pin to flush with the rest of the handle, a lot of heat can be created . That in turn can compromised the integrity of the glue. Also, If you use a clear epoxy, you can add some colour pigment to it, then you will have a coloured surface for t he pin.

Mosaic pins for knivesMosaic pins for knivesI let it to dry and then glue it to the handle. Needless to say that I already glue the ‘security’ pin  inside the handle.  Knive's Mosaic pinsMosaic pinsWhen the glue is dry, I saw the excess length of the pin,  then give the entire handle a rough sanding.  Mosaic pins for kinves I then finish the handle (as they all do) by sanding it with progressive finer grit size sanding papers. Mosai pins for kinvesFinally I finish it with buffing.  I using masking tape to mask the wood from the metal pin and vice versa (the white tape on the handle is for something else) , as if you do the buffing  all in one go, the wood can be tarnished from the metal buffing residue.

That all, have fan, and  don’t be afraid to leave comment (positive) on my blog.







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