Hand made knife

My latest knife

My latest knife, made as part of trade in for nice table router, with plenty of bits.

The knife is in the style of outdoor general purpose skinner, for the more serious outdoor person.

The blade made from O1 steel with deferential hardening, twice temper to achieve 62 HRc. Blade is secure to handle with mosaic pin.

Handel is made out of hard wood and treated with few layers of Danish oil, brass guard and plastic spacers.Hand made knife

Weight: 185gr.

Overall length: 265mm

Blade length: 140mm

Blade thickness: 5mm

Similar knife but with walnut handle is for sell for modest sum of £223 including postage in the UK mainland.

Please contact me if interested.

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3 thoughts on “My latest knife”

  1. Wow, what a great looking knife.
    My name is Gil, lately I became interested in a general purpose knife for my camping trips.
    It is important to me that it will be a hand made knife that I cannot get anywhere else (a special pies), not industrial made.
    Where and how I can I buy this knife or any of your beautifully and made knifes?
    Can I order one directly from you?
    Where I can see your knifes models prices and model names?

    1. Hi Gil
      Sorry for not coming back to you sooner. It was a busy week for me.
      Contact me on my email, then we can discuss payment method and delivery details. As its part of the deal, I can offer you variety of handle material and we need to discuss that too.
      All the best

  2. Dear Mr Ronen,
    Thank you, I’ll contact you via mail ASAP.
    It will be an honor for me to buy one of your beautifully crafted knifes.


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