One day knives making course

My one day knives making course

This is the knife that my student expect to make in the one day ‘Making a Working knife’ course.

It is started as 120mm peace of car suspension coil spring (metal is presumably 5160).

We forge the blade in a gas kiln, then final shaped the profile of the blade using angle grinder. During the annealing stage we talked about knives making in general, forging and heat treatment process, handle constructing , material and finishing the knife. After one hour we made the knife bevel , using hand tools and sand paper

hand made knife             Handmade knife

We heat treat the blade. While we add lunch we put it in my kitchen oven for tempering.

After lunch we finish the blade using finer and finer grades of sand paper.

One day knives making course

We drill the wood that we used as handle and, cut the plastic spacers. We glue everything, using fast setting epoxy.

We shape the handle and sharpen the knife. Then we finish the handle by cover it with linseed oil.

At this stage we add to step and let the oil cure for few days. Then we buff the lot, blade and handle.

As this stage of finishing the handle, taking too long. I think of making the handle out of combination of stacked thick leather and wood, so to allows the student to go home with fully finish knife.

Scandi knife

And if you really in to it, I also offer a short course on how to do the sheath for the knife. It is probably three hours.Leather knife sheath


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