Primitive but effective knife sharpener.

Primitive but effective knife sharpener.

Hi everybody

It just occur to me (actually it’s not truth) that I don’t really need to write anything, as nobody read it anyway.

However, this blog, is a way for me, of keeping archive of my work and, maybe one day my children will read it and, will think about me.

But enough with that cheerful thinking. I just recently finish to build a knife sharpener (prototype). It is base on design that I saw on the internet and I can’t remember the author name. so if it is you, please let me know and I will give a due credit.

As most of my knife have a distil taper on them, it is very difficult to fix them to good old knife sharpening system that hold the blade in one spot. My kit is fixing the blade in two location and that does the trick. It is very, but very effective piece of kit. Plus with that system it’s easy to swap blade sides as you progress to finer grit sharpening stone.

By the way you can read all about distil taper knife in article by Steve Shackleford from August the first 2017 in Blade Magazine (see below link).

Problem is that I am going to visit my family in Israel tomorrow so, I don’t have time to write a full post. When I be back I will. So now you have something worth waiting for, Ha Ha.

Until next time.


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