knife making course

Knife-making course in Cornwall UK.

Knife (and other sharp tools) making course, in Cornwall UK.

Make your own knife, no prior experience is required. You can also learn on build your own spoon carving knife, fire starter steel or cut throat razor, to save the traditional way.

Using basic tools, scrap metal and very hot fire, you will learn how to build knives, or other sharp tools.

You will learn: basic design, materials, metal manipulation, hand grinding or using a belt sander, heat treatment, bolster fitting, handle materials and fitting, polishing, hatching your logo on the blade  and sharpening  the knife.

I currently offer two knife making courses. One and a half day course to build a bush-craft type knife and a one day course for more simple all steel knife.

Course will take place in my small workshop near St Mawes in Cornwall UK.

Course syllabus is not set in stone and can be individually adjusted to your own wishes.

In the summer I can offer a basic accommodation in a tipi tent, if you come from far away.


Up to two people on a course.

For more details, contact Ronen Burstein


38 thoughts on “Knife-making course in Cornwall UK.”

  1. I really enjoyed my recent knife making course so much that I have booked another one!
    Ronen is a wonderful, patient and very skilled craft teacher who has piqued my interest in forging metal and knife making to a point where I want to keep perusing this historic craft.
    His coffee’s pretty good as well!

  2. Hello,

    I am looking to send my partner and dad on a Knife making course in the near future, can you please let me know course price and availability and whether the pictures of the knifes shown on this page are made in a 1 or 2 day course?

    Thank you and kind regards,


  3. Ronan was a great and talented teacher and was very keen to convey his knowledge and skills. The course was excellent value.

    I was very pleased with my finished knife and would highly recommend Ronan’s course.

    I now want a forge!

  4. Had a great two day course with Ronen set in a idyllic location in the Cornish countryside. Fantastic value for money and you come away with a great knife Ronen will help you every step of the way. I had no experience at making knife blades and managed to make a lovely knife with help. Try something new and book a course

  5. My knife making course was a Christmas gift from my family. I had no prior experience of blade smithing.
    The moment you enter Ronen’s workshops you’ll see that he is a talented craftsman. Ronen’s approach is relaxed but attentive allowing you to fully experience every aspect of hand forging your knife. I cannot recommend this experience enough and it’s excellent value for money. Be prepared for long days but be assured his Turkish style coffee will keep you going.

  6. We did the Bushcraft Knife course recently and really enjoyed the experience. Thought it was nice that Ronen allowed by partner free run of what he making and he was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Lunch was lovely! We particularly enjoyed the setting and thought the surroundings were beautiful. So many pheasants!! It was quite cold in January in the workshop but regular cups of tea were most welcome! Great course for anyone who wants to forge their very own knife and handle completely from scratch.

  7. My son thoroughly enjoyed making his knife- great thing to do the day before he turned 15. He is also now a Turkish coffee addict!

  8. Hi ron am interested in booking this with you, there are 2 of us ,
    We will be in cornwall all of Sunday and Sunday morning, is this e tough time for us to make the knives, also how much is it and where .

  9. It was a really fun course and Ronen was very accommodating when the course was disrupted due to snow. The knife I made came out really nicely and during the course I picked up lots of ideas on setting up my own knifemaking workshop.

  10. Just completed Ronan’s knife and sheath making course over three days. It was really great, and I feel I need a bit of time now to digest all of the information. For anyone wanting to learn how to make your own knife or sheath then you can’t beat this value! Thanks again, Sam

  11. My partner and I did a bush craft knife course yesterday as my 30th birthday present. From the min we arrived to the moment we left Ronen made us feel welcome and we enjoyed every minute of it..
    Not only did we get hands on forging experience, which was fantastic but we had chance to do so some grinding, sanding, sharpening and create our own logos..
    We then joined Ronen for a lovely lunch at his home, all provided for us..
    Ronen is a great guy with so much knowledge and he is more than willing to share this.. A real craftsman. Oh and very patient.
    Unfortunately we could only do a 1 day course due to childcare issues but he was more than willing to cram as much as he could into the day..
    We love our knife and feel very proud of what we achieved in just one day.

    Thank you Ronen. We will be back 🙂

  12. Our son Rowan had a great weekend making his knife. He learnt so much and he is now the proud owner of his own small forge and has made a few knives, using the skills you taught him. Thank you so much. Would recommend to all

  13. Even as I sit here and type, I am tempted to go into the kitchen, and just look at the beautiful knife I made with Ronen. The course was an inspired birthday gift from my wife, and the whole experience was an adventure; arriving at the house, workshop and gardens that seem to be at the end of the world, seeing the incredible craftsmanship Ronen has employed making his knives (and many other things) and learning such a huge amount during a long day that seems to pass in an instant. This course is more than just making a knife, Ronen is teaching the foundations of knife making without having to make a huge investment in equipment, and he gives the benefit of many years of experience that will help a beginner to avoid some of the potential pitfalls. It was a pleasure to spend time in his company, and I can’t wait to do it all again!

  14. Hi I’m really interested in booking on the next course for my husbands birthday he will absolutly LOVE this could you please email me some information for booking and course dates available please 🙂

  15. I completed one of Ronens knife making courses this past weekend, I can say with confidence that the course is just what I needed to help me into the world of knife making, Ronen is a great teacher in not only knife making but also Coffee making I am now a convert into Ronens coffee making techniques! the course itself was really well planned and the weekend flew past I have already started planning my return to the Forge as this was such a good experience I would recommend to anyone. I left with a lovely knife and knowledge and tips that would have taken me years by trial and error. Thanks Ronen look forward to catching up again soon.

  16. Hi Ronen I’m looking to learn more in depth about the art of forging. i particularly interested in welded steel i.e. damascus..
    Do you offer such courses?
    Looking to complete a 2-6 day course between january-march.
    Look forward in hearing from you,
    Many thanks, Kevin.

  17. Hi please could you let me know the cost and dates available? I am looking to treat my partner as a surprise. Thanks.

    1. Hello,
      How would I go about booking for my partner to come and do a knife making course and what are the prices?

      Thank you

  18. I recently spent two days making a beautiful knife, with Ronan guiding me all the way. Amazing surroundings and if you think all you’ll come away with is a knife I can tell you that Ronan will teach you everything that you need to set up your own forge and make knives yourself. The knowledge passed on was amazing and it is obvious that Ronan wants to encourage his students to set up on their own. Lots of humor and meticulous craftsmanship made the two days very enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend it. Thank you

  19. What a course.

    Well worth the money and have been filled full of valuble knowledge. Have a cup of coffee when you see him he’s got the best coffee around.

    Thanks very much

  20. Had a superb couple of days with Ronen. He is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about his craft which comes through in everything he does. I am looking forward to going back for the leatherwork course!

  21. Hi there,
    Are you able to send me prices for your course on making a knife? I’ve also got other questions, love this as a gift idea for my partner, it’s always been his dream to forge his own knife/sword!
    Thanks, look forward to you reply.

  22. I did the one-day knife making course with Ronen yesterday and it was an awesome experience. I was amazed at how good the knife looks and how well made it is, I’m sure it will serve me well for many years. Ronen really knows his stuff and explains all you need to know very clearly, he really is passionate about his craft and it definitely shows in his knife collection. What you get for the price is just amazing, I will definitely be back!
    Thanks Ronen for a great day, can’t wait to start making my own forge…

    Oh and Ronen’s coffee is the real deal.

  23. Hi Ronen,

    It’s Mark from Kernow Martial Arts here. I thought i would take a look at your course.

    How much does it cost for a two day course? What sort of knives can be made in that time?

    Looks really good

  24. Hi Ronen, thanks for a great weekend of knife making. Really pleased with the knife, far better than I expected that I would achieve.

    I know both Ben and I thoroughly recommend giving this a go.

    All the best, Mike

  25. Hi Ronen,
    I’m a welder / fabricator by trade & do make products from old horseshoes . I’m very interested in learning more about forging metal. I’ve just built my own small forge so I can practice working with metal .I’m very interested in attending a knife making course with you. Could you please let me know of any upcoming dates. Many thanks, Jord.

  26. Comment emailed me by Ian’
    Hi Ronen
    Just a short note to let you know how much Ross and I enjoyed the course.
    Ross has not stopped talking about it and I learnt a lot more about the process of steel forging, having spent lots of my working career fabricating and welding. Just goes to prove there is always more to learn.
    Many thanks again and good luck with your courses.

    Kind regards,
    Ian and Ross.

  27. On arrival at Ronen’s the peacefulness, tranquillity and beauty of the area hits you and you know that it is an inspiring place to be and work. I was there to make a knife as a birthday gift from my wife, I thought I had a good idea what to expect (and yes I have watched Forged in Fire on the TV), but the depth that Ronen goes in to far exceeded my expectation, his knowledge of moving hot steel, grinding, heat treating, polishing and sharpening and all of the time explaining what was going to happen right through to the final etch of my initials on the blade was something that I was not expecting. My one day course turned out to be a day and a half. I highly recommend you try one of his courses.
    Ronen is a brilliant craftsman. Thank you for a wonderful experience Mick.

  28. A second incredible course with Ronen, where I (or we) created another quality knife that’s tough, shiny, sharp and great for cutting anything in the garden. Thank you very much for all your patience Ronen. I hope to be back for a third. From Pax (12)

  29. Hi Ronan,
    Could my husband & 10 year son come on a 1 day course at all? We are in Cornwall the last week in May. Please let me know how much it would be if it’s possible.
    Many Thanks

  30. Hi
    Are you still open for business with the knife making course? I live in East Cornwall and have family down in Falmouth I can stay with. I am eager to try it out as soon as possible with a view to setting up my own workshop in my studio.

    Many Thanks

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