App for EBooks reader

App for EBooks reader

Low tech (and high tech) app for EBooks reader.

Let’s start by saying that our library is been full to the bream for several years now. We have a shelving space that amount to 50 meters in length. It’s getting out of control.

Fortunately they invent the EBooks reader. We started to use it few years ago and (as they say) never look back. No shelf space is needed anymore.

Though, as the format of EBooks is still not good for it,  one exception is apply.  we do continue to buy, read and use reference books in paper.

So, were are the Apps?

here it’s come.

The first one is not for everybody taste I admit, but hey, it’s my blog.

As I told you these days I am reading books only on EBooks reader. So far I have found two major problems. As I don’t hold papers in my hands, I don’t have papers corners anymore. So  I can’t clean my nails.

My app is coming to solve that problem.  As the principal of the device is what important, I won’t show you how to do it.  all you have to do is to fix the app (see image below) on both sides of your tablet .


App for EBooks reader

And problem solved.

App to EBooks reader

The second problem of EBooks reader is :

As it is digital book, you can’t dedicate the book to somebody by writing dedication in the first page of the book.

The idea of the app is to enable the EBook purchaser to be able to write DIGITALY his dedication on the EBook , prior to send the purchase cod to the recipient of to book.

Something like that…..

App to EBooks reader

The app is more sophisticated in execution. I tried to interest Amazon but they can’t be bother.

So hopefully someone   from my millions followers will develop it.

If you do, life time of EBooks supply will be nice.


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