Biltong ‘sweets’.

Biltong ‘sweets’.

I love savoury thing. Now and then I have the urge for something to munch at and I always regret not having savoury ‘sweets’. I know some of you guys will jump and say: just have a packet of crisps but, you can’t suck on crisps. On the other hand you can do it on a well dry biltong. So I decided to make a Biltong ‘sweets’.


you will need:

Fruit Dehydrator (don’t be like me and buy cheap one).

Safari biltong mix.

Cellophane paper (may sure it is the real one that once you bend / twist it, it will remain it’s new shape).

1kg Top side beef joint.

What to do:

Trim all the fat and gristle from the meat, then cut the meat to 4x2mm cubes. Put everything in a bowl.

Measure 45gr of the biltong mix and mix it well with the meat. Leave covered in the fridge over night.

Biltung sweets
Biltong Sweets
Biltong Sweets

Next morning, arrange the meat on the dehydrator shelves. Turn on the machine and let it work for around fifteen hours. You want the meat to be dry but to leave some moisture in the middle. That way it will feel like real sweet sweet , i.e. dry enough to suck on to begin with and then more chewable toward the end. By now the meat cubes shrink to half its size, perfect the size of normal humbug sweet. You can now cut the rough corners of the meat to make it more symmetrical.

Biltong Sweets
biltong sweets

Cut the cellophane to rectangular sheets the size of 120x90mm. put one piece of dry meat at one end of the cellophane and roll it all the way to the other end. Hold it, with your two hands and twist both ends in opposite direction at the same time. Yes I know that my explanation is not that good, but it’s not really rocket science.

biltong sweets

Now put all the individual ‘sweets’ in a bag and store it in the fridge. You can keep it there for two weeks or you can frizz it for longer. Bon appétit.


biltong sweets

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  1. I’m very much enjoying your blog. I appreciate how diverse your interests are. I think you’re super cool. 👍

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