Car rear view mirror, why not?

Car rear view mirror.

Car rear view mirror, why not?

I got that not so bad, but also not that cheap car. it got all sort of electric battens doing a lot of things, including (as one except) adjusting the sides mirrors.


You can understand the needs for that. My children pass the driving test (thanks god for that), so time to time they been using the car. Problem is, they always changing the position of the seat and the  angle of the mirrors ( not to mention the radio channel).

Alas, as I mention, I got all this wonderful electric battens, so it is not a big deal to readjust everything.  All is return to normal.

However coming night, then you realise that the rear view mirror is no longer show the rear view. Yes, you will say no problem, just use your hand to adjust it. But it is a German car and nothing is flimsy there (nearly), so you need to be a small superman to do it. Trying to do it on the road with one hand is not that easy.

So…. why the wise engineers could not make another batten to enable me to adjust  the rear view  mirror electrically ?

I will be glad to hear from somebody that have a good answer for that.

Drive safely.


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