Burning Man stool

How to build Burning Man stool.

This post is about how we build a stool made of burning man left over.

But first let me tell you how the idea for it came about.

Last summer we have been to the Israeli burning man, the Midburn. Our camp, ‘Camp Winners’ concentrate mainly in lazing about near the camp.

So we set about to invite people to hang around the camp. Every morning we came up with idea of how to involve the burners in activity near the camp.

One morning we decided to build a notice board. We decorate it to reflect the famous Western Wall in Jerusalem.

burning man stool

And invited people to be creative on it. we left some paint cans, brushes and big felt tip markers, and mainly left the burner to be creative on their own device.

burning man stool

But as you can see, some time we provided help.

burning man stool

The result was nice and we had a lot of fun with it.

At the end of the event my brother Hadar suggest that, instead of burn it, he can make small stools out of the board.

buringman stool

So back at home he was busy preparing drawings for sending the board to CNC cutting specialist.

Not only make the drawings, he actually send it for cutting.

burningman stool

We were four of us in the camp, and the board that was MDF 120cmx2400cm was to small, so he had to use another small board for the last two stoosl. But he used it mainly for the seat board support so you barely sees it.

And here it is…..

burning man stool

I am not sure, but I think he still have the drawings for it. he will be happy to share it (probably). Let me know if interested.




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