How to make pond rake

How to make rake for raking water plants and surface algae for big domestic pond.

The other day I got dozen yellow Koi fish. I introduce them in to my pond but there is a problem.

You know the phrase ‘ from too much trees you can’t see the forest’, it is the same in my pond. It got too much of water vegetation in it, so you cannot see the fish.

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The solution is: or to ask (and pay) somebody to clean the pond or to do it myself. If I can I always do it myself, but for that, I need a special devise. Problems are one, I cannot buy it off the shelf and two, as I said, if I can, I do it myself.  So i set about to do it and I will try to show you how I did it.

I built it from scrap metal bits that I found scattering in my workshop. It was old farm broken piece, old gate bolt and nails. General dimension are: 300mm x 180mm and 100mm long nails.

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I had to do some size adjusting

A (3)

then some re shaping in my gas forge

A (4)

and finally some arc welding.


I am not a welder as you can see, but it served the purpose.

I attached it to 18m rope and down to the pond.

The raking is simple, you stand firm on the pond bank and throw the rake adjusting the strength of the throw according to desire distance. and drag it back to you.

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the result is not that bad, in one hour you can clean serval hundreds kilo of water plant.

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Things to conceder

18m rope length is just about right for normal man throw. but you can throw it farther.

For durability and longevity you may consider using thicker nails, though 100mm long is good length size.

For cleaning the surface of the pond I advise to attached some mean of buoyancy to the rake. maybe in my next model I will weld few eyelets to the main rake shaft on the back side, so it is easy to fix the floats to it.




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