Wooden Star Knob

Making wooden star knob

How to do a wooden star knob, for using with M6 bolt.

If you remember last post I talked about a homemade metal sheet bender (if you don’t remember, I advise you to read it). I used three Star Knobs. Obviously I didn’t have knobs like that in my shop. So, like always I build it myself.  Mind you, the internet is probably full with instruction on how to do it but, I couldn’t be bothered to look. In any case my method work well.

I found three M6 Coach bolts so I used them.   You also need 12mm (or there about) thick hardwood.

I first  used  25mm Holesaw, luckily it had a 6mm pilot drill bit, if not you will have to drill the middle hole to 6mm size afterword.

Wooden Star Knob Wooden Star Knob







I draw circle 25mm in diameter and divided it into six segments.  Then I  traced it on the wooden batten that I cut earlier.






Now, saw the  wooden battens (knobs) along the six dividing lines to the half  depth of 7mm round rough  file for metal.

Wooden Star Knob






Clamp it on a vice and start to shape it into Star knob. I used two files. The first one was a triangle fill to help establish the position of the grove and I then finis the grove with the 7mm round file.








Now all you have to do is to apply some glue around the top most end of the coach bolt and drive it into the knob’s hole.

And that it. if you in to it, you can now paint the wooden part. I didn’t.

Come to think about it, I saw deferent method on the internet.  You first cut six holes around the edge of the desire knob size and, then you cut the knob out of the peace of hardwood.


Maybe its les complicated.

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