Bake salmon

Salmon with bacon toping

This recipe is dedicated to my semi devoted followers and friends Allen and Orly from Coventry.

Like always, this recipe is the outcome of necessity. That all I add in my fridge and pantry. So improvisation.

It turn out to be good. It’s simple and cheeky and you won’t be disappointed.


4 Salmon strips without the skein, about 200gr each.

8 Half sundry tomatoes.

10 green olives, halved.

¾ Cup white wine.

Garlic powder.

6 strip of bacon.

Black pepper.

Olive oil.


Grease ceramic oven tin with some oil and lay the fish strips on the bottom . Use one that fit snugly the fish. You don’t want it to be too big for the fish to get lost or too small so the fish will pile one on top of the other.

Pour the wine on top of the salmon, and drips  oil on top of them.

Seasons with the pepper and the garlic powder. Scattered the olives and the tomatoes on top and then lay the bacon strips in right angle to the fish strips.

Bake salmon


Bake in pre heated oven at 180 degrees C’ for twenty minutes, or little bit more, depend the size of your fish.

And here below is a Kosher version of the recipe for my friends in Israel.

baked salmon recipe

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