Baked Salmon with Mushrooms

Baked Salmon with (Mushrooms) Pizza toping

Well, it is not really pizza toping, but its look like it.

Baked Salmon with Mushrooms

The main vegetable ingredient is mushrooms and that what give the dish its ‘mushroomy’ distinctive taste, Its go surprisingly well with the salmon. The rest of the vegetables, add some complimentary tastes to the dish that was necessary, because mushroom flavour by itself is (like in real pizza)boring.

The dish remind me pizza, and I guess one can even try and top it with cheese. I can’t see why it won’t turn to be good.


I think I may over cooked it by five minutes, i.e. I cooked it for twenty five minutes and it was dash too dry (as the Sharpe eyes among you, will notice).



6 Salmon filets.

12 Sliced good flavoured button mushrooms .

12 Pitted black olives.

1 ½ Sliced onions, (I used red onion but i think white will be better, as red is to some degrees a sweet onion).

3 Garlic cloves, thinly sliced.

5 Cherry tomatoes, halved.

½ teaspoon thyme.

Salt and pepper.

Olive oil.


Slightly fry the onions, then add the mushrooms and the garlic. Continuo to fry the vegetables until the mushrooms starting to omit theirs liquid. Add the seasoning and gently mix. Add the tomatoes and the olives and carefully mix it with the mushrooms / onions blend. The objective here is the pre cook the vegetables enough, for them to released the flavour and liquid.

Season the filets with salt and pepper.

Heat up three tablespoon olive oil in heavy bottom skillet. When it is starting to smoke, turn the heat off and immediately put the filets skin side down in the skillet. Leave it until stop sizzling.

Add all the vegetables on top of the fish, cover and put in pre heated oven for twenty minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

That it, enjoy.

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