Chicken stew

Chicken stew with potatoes and red bell pepper

Hi there

I hope you survived Charismas, I barely did.

This Christmas my sister in law host us in her new house in London and cooked very good turkey. It was moist, tender and tasty. I been given the credit to her but also I must give it to Mrs Nigella Lawson, for that in her book ‘Nigella Christmas in page 115-116 show us all how to brine the turkey and make it a success every time.

Anyway, today post is not about Turkey, it’s about Chicken stew with potatoes and red bell pepper.

Not a lot to say about the recipe. It’s a all in one (apart of the green) meal, try it and you won’t be disappointed.


6 Chicken thighs without the skin.

3 Onions roughly dice.

3 Red bell peppers roughly dice.

Pink Fir Apple (Fingerling) as much as to feed three people.


500ml Chicken stock.

Lemon zest from one lemon.

2 tablespoon tomatoes puree.


Salt & pepper.


In a heavy skillet, one that you can use in the oven, start to fry the onions and the peppers. Once it’s started to burn reduce the heat and continuo to sauté the vegetables until soft to some degree.

Take the vegetables out and fry the thighs to nice golden colour. At first they will stick to the skillet but , leave them a bit longer and they will be released from the bottom of the pan.

Towards the end of colouring the chicken add the thyme, parsley and the lemon zest.

When the thighs are nicely coloured add the stock bring to boil and scrape the bottom. Add the tomato puree and mix.

Add the vegetables, mix gently and  season. Cover the skillet and boil on low heat for several minutes than put in pre heated oven at 180 degrees C’ for one hour. As always, check every now and then that there is enough liquid in the pan.

That all.

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