Chicken wings with butternut squash.

Chicken wings with butternut squash.

Haaa, the underrated chicken wings. It is always taken me by surprise how good chicken wings are.

Time to time my wife buying chicken wings for making chicken soup and because of procrastination it ends up in the freezer. Yes I know, I myself suffer from that phenomenal, and she got it from me, i guess. However it is in the freezer and available.

So, in today post I give you The Chicken wings with butternut squash.


20+ chicken wings, tip of the wings removed.

1 Butternut squash sliced to 15mm thick slices. If butternut squash too big, than cut each slice to half        or quarters.

¼ Teaspoon cayenne pepper, or as much as you want.

½ Teaspoon cumin.

4 Pieces of bacon, cut to smaller pieces.

Drop of vermouth.

1 Cup of chicken stock.

Sprig of rosemary.

Olive oil.


Well, preparation is very simple(it is almost embarrass to make it as recipe).

All you have to do is, to mix all the dry ingredients inclouding the wings and some oil.

Now pour in the vermouth and the stock, gently mix and into the oven.

Bake at 180 degrees C for forty minutes or until ready. Don’t let it become dry, so check it, and add some more boiling water if needed.

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