Recipe for cod fish in spicy tomatoes sauce

Cod fish in spicy tomatoes sauce.

Like in the old testimony story about Sodom and Gomorrah*. God told Lot that he will spare the cities if Lot will point out if only for one righteous man.

So if the day will come and they will ask me,  I will spare the UK if only for the inventing of fish & chips.

Problem is: my wife don’t like fish and chips and for that matter she don’t like cod.

But, the other day she make a mistake and bought cod fish instead of bass. I had to improvised some recipe that is not deep frying.

Now, I do like fish and tomatoes, and I do like middle east spices.  So I give you the recipe for cod fish in spicy tomatoes sauce.


6 6od filets.

Recipe for cod fish in spicy tomatoes sauce

400ml Tined  chopped tomatoes (the best you can buy).

10 sliced garlic cloves.

3 red and yellow bell pepper cut into big cuts.

cayenne pepper.


Fish sauce.

Olive oil.

270x200x55mm baking tin.

The quantity of the spices is according to personal taste.


Fry the pepper until started to burn. Reduce the heat and sauté the garlic. When the garlic is done add the chopped tomatoes and bring to boil.

Lower the heat, add the spices and fish sauce and adjust seasoning. Mix well and cook for fifteen minutes. Add some water if too thick. After fifteen minutes turn off the fire and let it cool a bit.

Arrange the filets in the tin in one layer and pour the sauce on top. Make sure the sauce cover the fish to some degree and it goes under the fish.

Bake it in pre heated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for twenty-five minutes.

Good to serve with French beans, fry aubergine,  ciabatta bread and white wine (obviously).

*.  Due to bad (or good) education, i may be wrong about the Lot story. So correct me.







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