Recipe for Dutch oven

Dutch oven and smoke flavoured chicken with potatoes

As the name suggest it is a recipe for smoke flavoured chicken with potatoes cooked in Duch oven ion wood burner stove.

It was early Saturday evening when me and Tamsin return from nice walk around Low pool near Helston down in Cornwall UK.

So none of us add energy to cook supper, then Tamsin lit the fire in the stove. During that activity she add un epiphany, she turn back to me and said: Why don’t we cook the already defrost chicken thigh and cook it in the stove?

Dutch oven recipe

So make long story short, we did. It was very good and i will share it with you.


We have a small Dutch oven 210mm in diameter that can accommodate the given quantity.

1 Dutch oven (

1 Wood burner stove.

4 Chicken thighs.

3 Medium size potatoes quartered.

2 Roughly sliced carrots.

150mm long polish smoke kielbasas, sliced.

1 Teaspoon garlic powder.

1 Teaspoon onion powder.

1 Teaspoon sweet paprika.

1 Teaspoonful ground coriander seeds.

½ teaspoon turmeric.

1 Stalk tarragon.

Olive oil.

Salt and pepper.

Water to two third cover the chicken thighs.


You can cook everything using the Dutch oven, on the stove while you let the woods burn into smouldering hashes.

Anyway, fry the thighs in little bit of oil until golden. Drain the fat, then.

Then put all the test of the Ingredients in the pan, making sure the thigh are completely submerge in the stock. It is okay to let the potatoes be (to some degree) out of the stock, as it’s help them to get nice golden colour.

Boil the lot for few minutes (covered with the pan lid).

By now the woods in the stove turn to hashes (still smouldering). It is time to put the pan in the stove. Move the hashes to the sides of the oven and put the dish in the middle, and shut the stove door.

It take around one hour for the dish to be ready. During this time you better check it and add some more water (boiling) and or woods if needed. Don’t be too generous with the water, as you don’t want the dish to be too runny.

Dutch oven recipe


P.S   As it was very good dish, expect some more recipes that are going to come from the stove and the Dutch oven.




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