How to roast pecans

How to roast pecan nuts to perfection

Today post is in honour of Yafke Aviezer from kibbutz Nirim that was the inspiration for the recipe.

Yes, I do like nuts. Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, also (not nuts, but nice to eat) sunflower and pumpkin seed.

Those who know me, realise that I will roast my own nuts whenever I can get hold of commercial quantity of it.

It is sound silly but until recently I was struggling to get satisfying result when I roast nuts. It was kind of hit and miss process.  I used to take out the nuts from the oven every so often, mix it and check if ready.

It was nuisance to say the list, and the result wasn’t that good. I mean, time to time I nailed it but not always.

The brake through came recently, while watching the program ‘how do they do it’ on the Quest TV channel. It was about how they roast peanuts on the shell (monkey nuts).

The big secret is……….. you have to roast it for half an hour for 149 degrees Celsius, no more no less.  I did tried it on Pecan nuts and pumpkin seed  and it worked like a treat.  I am sure it will work on other types of nuts and seeds.

And for the recipe.


Pecan tree. (one)

How to roast pecans


Flour .




Pick  some nuts, as much as you can roast  in your oven. Bear in mind that you want to roast it spread on the baking tin in on layer, more or less.

With the hammer, gently crack (break without coming fully apart) open the pecans and put it in the baking tin. Try to take out the loos shells as much as you can .

Now, mix one spoon flour and two spoon salt in 2/5 cupful of lukewarm water (for normal size oven) and spread all over the pecans. Mix thoroughly. Don’t over load the baking try (see comment above).

As you understood, bake in pre heated oven at (you guessed it ) 149 degrees Celsius exactly for thirty minutes. You don’t have to mix it every five minutes. Just wait the thirty minutes.

It can be store for a long time if you put it in air tight container (glass is nice), just make sure that the pecans are cold before put them in the jar.

How to roast pecans


Stick to the temp’ and time that I been given, it is important. But, if by the end of the roasting time the pecan are still wet, then next time put less water. I can’t remember exactly how much water I been using. It is like my grandmother use to do, no numbers just pure experience.





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