How to prepare kale for cooking

Kale, the green vegetable

Kale and how to cut it or how I re invent the wheel .

At home we have a polytunnel, and some of us do the Paleo diet. So, every summer we grow plenty of kale. Now, you can grow Kale outdoor but  from biter experience, it’s not worth it. Where we live, in England, I didn’t have good result with it.

Alas, do it in the Polytunnel and you will end up with lots and lots of Kale. All the way through the summer up to December.

We are two in the house, and there is so much we can eat. Any excess been either given to friend or store in the deep freezer.

In any case, if it stay with us I need to cut the tough stalk (not that it’s not good to eat, but it take more time to cook then the rest of the leaf, and I can’t be bother to cook it in stages).

Problem is, the leaves come in many lengths.

How to prepare kale for cooking It is not efficient to cut the leaves one by one. You do it in batches, of as much as you can hold in your hand.  But as the leaves are in deferent length and one tendency is the hold the Kale leaves from the stalk, you lose  a lot of good leaves, as you cut according to the length of the long leaves.

How to prepare kale for cooking What you want is to hold them in a way that all the leaves tips are in the same level.

How to prepare kale for cooking If the leaves position like that, and you cut the stalks according to the length of the shortest leaf, you get read of the though stalks  from the long ones, but you don’t lose a lot from the short ones.

How to prepare kale for cooking   How to prepare kale for cooking

Having say all of that, it doesn’t matter which way you cut it, you still don’t want to find…How to prepare kale for cooking In it. so wash it well. In this case, one by one is preferable.


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