Meatballs in Tahini sauce

Meatballs in Tahini sauce with green vegetables

What usually happen this days, is that more often than not I improvised the cookery. And (surprise, surprise) it turn to be good dish. I then scribble some notes on the recipe. The photo I always do before serving or tasting the food. One can never know it may be good.

Meatballs in Tahini sauce

For the meatballs, you will need (make 26 meatballs):

1.25kg mincemeat (chuck joint).

1 Red onion finely diced.

1 Carrot finely grated.

½ Teaspoon nutmeg.

1 Tablespoon Black Onion Seeds.

2 Teaspoon cumin powder.

2 Teaspoon ground coriander.

Not too much cayenne pepper.

Salt and pepper.

You will also need:

2 Cups readymade Tahini.

2 Cups   Kale, coarsely chopped.

2 Yung and fresh courgettes, each cut in to half.

1Lt Chicken stock.


Mix all the meatballs ingredients and form around twenty-six meatballs the size of golf balls. Cover with cling film and let rest for thirty minutes (or more).

Mix the Tahini with the chicken stock an gently bring to the boil. Add the kale and lower the heat, add the meatballs, make sure they are mostly cover by the stock. If not, then add more boiling water. Add the courgettes on top of everything and baste it with the stock, or you can sprinkle olive oil on top of them.. You don’t need to fully cover them.

Bring back the dish to a boiling temp, cover and put in preheated oven at 170 degrees C’ for one hour, then remove the lid and continue to cook for some twenty minutes more to give the dish nice golden colour.

Delicious wit white rice and red kidney beans, never mind the photo quality.

Meatballs in Tahini sauce


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