Pork belly with potatoes and fennel

Pork belly with potatoes and fennel

I can call that title to the recipe, but then Google won’t recognise it as recipe that been cooked in Dutch oven, in wood burning stove. However this is yet another recipe for Dutch oven .

Dutch oven pork belly with vegetables.

The quantity is for 20cm (internally) Dutch oven.


6 Good size pork belly strips.

2 Fennels, each sliced to half.

2 Potatoes, each sliced to half.

700ml Chicken stock.

10 Peeled garlic cloves.

¾ Cup of sauerkraut.

1/3 Cup pimento stuffed olives, each sliced to half.

1 Tablespoon paprika.

1 Teaspoon fennel seeds.

1 Teaspoon coriander seeds.

Salt & pepper.

Olive oil


Light fire in the stove and let it burn out to smouldering ashes.

In the Dutch oven fry the belly strips until golden and set aside.

Add little more oil and under low heat add all the vegetables and the pickles. Mix it all to coat the vegetable in the fat.

Add the spices and seasoning, increase the heat and cook it (while mixing) for two minutes to intensify the flavour that the spices add to the dish.

Add the pork belly strips and mix, pour in the stock and bring to boil.

Cover it and into the stove. Cook it for two hours at least.

Every half an hour check if there is enough liquid in the pan. If not add more boiling water.

Don’t let the fire goes out completely, add some more kindling to it. you want to keep the stove hot enough.

Dutch oven recipe


P.S  To my friends in Israel, see if you can identify the wine glass.




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