Roast chicken with sweet potatoes and mushrooms

Roast chicken with sweet potatoes

Roast chicken with sweet potatoes and mushrooms.

This is (if done properly) can be very nice all in one dish. The chicken turn out to be very tender and it got nice wine aroma to it. Needless to say that chicken and tarragon are very good combination.

As it got vegetables in it you don’t have to cook anything else for complete meal. And you can always fiddle with the quantity to feed deferent amount of peoples.


Roast chicken with sweet potatoes and mushrooms




1 Chicken.

2 Onions wedge to quarters.

2 Green chilli halved and deseeded.

3 Sweet potatoes piled and halved.

3 Leeks halved.

8 Big chestnut mushrooms.


1 Cup white wine.

1 Tablespoon dry tarragon.

1 Tablespoon porcini mushroom prouder.

Olive oil.

Salt and pepper.



Pour the wine into heavy roasting tin and put the chicken in it.

Add the vegetable around the chicken and drizzle the oil all around and on the chicken.

Add the spices and the seasoning on top of everything and cover.

Put in preheat oven at 180˚C for at least one and a half hour. Every now and then take it out and baste it. If there is not enough liquid in, you can add more boiling water.

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