Tomatoes salad

Tomatoes salad

It is not just tomatoes salad, it is Middle Eastern Tomatoes Salad (ho, there is a lot of deferent). And as a bonus, I will deal with the question:  what is Sumac.

Plain and simple. Surprisingly good, light on the stomach and very refreshing.  Although using raw onion and it can give very potent smell and taste to the salad, don’t wary, the sumac will mallow down that effect and also will add zesty flavour to the salad. Tomatoes salad

All you need is:

8 Good firm tomatoes.

1 Medium red onion.

Half a cup green olives stuffed with pimento.

2 Heap full tablespoon pumpkin seeds.

1 Big garlic clove.

1Teaspoon  sumac * powder.

Salt and pepper.

Olive oil, the best you can afford.



All you have to do is to dice the vegetable to small bits (the garlic to smaller pieces). Mix everything together with the seeds and sumac, then  seasoning  to taste and adjust according to your liking.

add the oil mix and serve.


* Sumac Sumac plant

Sumac is shrub and small tree that can reach a height of 1–10 m (3.3–32.8 ft).

The dried drupes of some species are ground into a reddish-purple powder to produce a tangy crimson spice.

Sumac slowerSumac pouder







Text and photos curtsy of Wikipedia .

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