Adonit JOT script stylus review

Adonit JOT script
Adonit JOT script

Today review is about the Adonit JOT script pen stylus.

I have that pen for about one year now. I bought it for using as a pen for sketching and writing text in my iPad mini. I use various sketching Apps, but mainly with app name Noteshelf.

The stylus is one slick and cool looking pen. I read a lot of reviews about it, and largely it got good reviews.

It is: Fine point active stylus for iPad and iPhone, with 1.9mm tip. It made of aluminium, compatible with iOS devices with Bluetooth capability. It runs by one AAA battery.

My problem with it is:

It is not very accurate; it always starts the mark on the pad with offset, i.e. If you start a line or text, the actual mark will be at least 1.5 – 2mm off the intended spot, and it is near impossible to stop tracing line and continuo to do it, from the exact end of the line point.

As I mention, its slick and cool looking pen but because of it, you can barely see the on / off batten, and you can barely fill it. I understand the desire of the designer to keep it round and uncluttered device, but lack of clip handle or any other mean of prevent it from rolling over, made it ho so irritating.

Adonit pen
Adonit JOT script

Hope it help.

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