Beef shin with vegetables in Dutch oven

This recipe particular benefit from being  cooked in wood burner stove. The dish need to be cooked for relative long time. Once the woods burn out to smouldering hashes it is very easy to maintain low heat in the stove for long period of time, and then you have, the smokiness flavour, that add deep background overall rustic flavour to the stew. I don’t know, there is some magic that happening to the food by using open fire as the cooking method.

If you don’t have wood burning stove in your house, you can always do it outdoor in a camping trip or in your back garden. Hanging the Dutch oven above open fire. If you do it well you will probably get a high standard chef reputation among your friends.

In the stew i used frozen broad beans from my garden. We picked them late in the season and, they become tough to some degrees. That is actually good, for when you use it in a long cook dish.

Okay to the business of cooking the recipe.


2 Medium size aubergine cut to chunky strips.

3 Turnips each cut to half.

2 Sliced onions.

10 Peeled garlic cloves.

2 Cups broad beans. Defrost.

2 Big cow shin. You can make it four smaller one if you like.

½ Lt Unflavoured tomato sauce (tined are good too).

½ Lt chicken broth.

Bunch of coriander, chopped coarsely.

4 Short sprigs of rosemary.

Salt and pepper.

Olive oil.



Fry the chin in the Dutch oven on high heat  until golden . Take it out and turn down the heat.

Add the onions and slow cook until soft. Add the rest of the vegetables and mix to coat the vegetables with oil.

Add the chicken broth and the tomato sauce and bring to the boil. Boil gently for few minutes.

Add the meet to the pan and make sure it’s cover by the liquid. Add the seasoning and again bring back to the boil. Turn the heat down to keep the dish worm wile you attend to the fire in the stove.

When the fire weaken and most of the woods become smouldering hash, move the hashes to the sides of the stove to make room to the pan and put it in.

Cook it for at least three hours. Check the dish every thirty minutes to make sure that there is enough liquid, if there isn’t add some more boiling water.


Beef shin recipe


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