Matzoth leftover recipe.

The Pizza brei

As you all know, the Jewish Pas-over holiday celebrated not long ago. Traditionally during the holiday the Jewish eat Matzo bread.


My grandmother Hanna used the Matzos left over to do dish called Matzo brei. It is traditionally Jewish dish. You mix crushed Matzoth, milk and eggs together and then fry it in a shallow frying pan. You can eat it sweet as pudding or as savoury dish.

It so happen that I end up with box of Matzos, and coincidentally I love pizza, so the leap from that to my new recipe, Pizza brei , was very short.

My dear readers I give you the Pizza brei.1/4


400gr Matzoth, roughly crushed.

3 Eggs.

1 Cup chicken stock.

250gr Mozzarella cheese.

Some slice pepperoni.

½ Cup green olives, halves.

1 Tined chopped tomatoes.

1 Teaspoon thyme.

¼ Teaspoon turmeric.

Garlic powder.

Onion powder.

Olive oil.


Empty the tined tomatoes to deep frying pan add the garlic and onion powder (adjust to your taste). Turn the heat and bring to boil. Once it is boiling lower the heat and keep simmering until the sauce is thickening. You don’t want to see running liquid.

roughly crush the Matzoth, mix in the thyme and the turmeric, add salt and pepper and mix. Pour in the cold stock and let soak for several minutes. Add the eggs and mix.

Oil 30cm heavy frying pan and pour in the Matzoth blend. On top of it, pour the tomatoes sauce.

Scattered the pepperoni and the olives then, on top of it the mozzarella and you good to go.

Bake it in pre heated oven, at 190 degrees C for twenty minutes.



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