How to pack meat in the deep freezer

Or ‘How not to pack meat in the deep freezer’ 

My house in England is surrounds by grazing fields. Now here is the problem. the summer in England is wet and everything is growing like mad. You literally stick wood’s twig cutting in the ground and it will start to grow.

How to pack meat

So the solution is to keep the grass at bay.  Or by using a topper dragged by tractor or use animals (Eat the grass, that is). In the last several years, during the summer I raised two cows at a time, Letting them to grazed on the fields. They seem to do good job.


My topper          How to pack meat in the deep freezer.

Then sadly or not, around December we send them to the abattoir, and asked a butcher to sort it out for us.

We asked him to pack the meat joints in labelled (black felt marker, mistake number one)plastic bags, ranging in weight from one kilo up to four kilo for a bag. So we end up with around fifty bags.

Good Steak
Out of the bag.

Being me, I was meticulously pack them in the deep freezer, and in order to be efficient I pack them in tightly layers (mistake number two), using heavy duty nylon lining in between the layers. I mix deferent joints in each layer (mistake number three).

I was so proud of myself, it looks so good, all packed in order in the freezer . problem started after several months. As I should expected (but stupidly didn’t) the meat obviously expand and wedged itself tightly, one bag against the other. Being soft, when the meat was fresh, they haven manage to: not only wedged but to entwined themselves. It nearly literally frozen into one big rock hard lamp of meat. And as you can see, this is How Not to Pack Meat in Deep Freezer.

Meet in the freezer       Meat in the freezer

It almost resembled a block of concrete and as such, I had to use a masonry tools.


How to pack meat       Meat from the freezer

Not particularly nice or hygienic .

So in conclusion:

Make sure to label the bags in bold and clear text that not smeared out in the freezing process. Don’t, I mean Don’t over pack each layer. Don’t mix the joints, try and keep each kind in its own corner and make sure you can read the labels on the bags.

Bon appetite.




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