Pork stew with mushrooms

Simple but very reassuring (especially in the winter time) pork stew with mushrooms. Not a lot to say about it, just cook it and see for yourself. I can’t remember how many people it will feed but, if you use a 1.5 kg meat and you consider 250gr per person than, it will feed six people or four hungry one.

You will need i.e. ingredient :

1.5kg Pork shoulder cut into cubes roughly 1”x1”.
3 Medium size onions sliced, not to thin.
2 celery stalk roughly sliced.
300gr chestnuts mushrooms, halved.
Few parsley stalks chopped.
500ml Chicken stock.
400ml Coconuts milk.
1.5 teaspoon coriander powder.
50gr Butter.
1.5 Tablespoon olive oil.
Black pepper and salt.

How to cook it:

Use heavy pan, preferably cast iron one. In it melt some butter and the oil, brown the meat on all sides for several minutes than, add the onions and the celery and sallow fry (sauté rather) the all lot for fifteen minutes or there about, until the vegetables are soft but make sure they are not over cooked to become sort of slimy mix.
Add the mushrooms and keep frying for two more minutes. Add the stock and the coconuts milk and gently mix. Bring to gentle boil then lower the heat and keep it on the fire for fife more minutes.
Take it out of the hob (remember to turn off the fire) and put it in 170 degrees C in a  pre heat oven.
after one hour check the stew to see if it’s getting too dry, if so add more boiling water.
You can now lower the temp’ to 150 degrees for another one hour +. Some time you will have to leave it  in for another half an hour or so but that is to do with your experience and not set in stone.

Scattered the parsley on top of the stew and cover back. Let it rest for ten minutes. and it’s ready.

Try it and if good (or not) comment about it in the blog.
Bon appétit.


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Smoky pork casserole with vegetables.




1kg pork shoulder cut into 2 x 2cm cubes

7 pealed medium size potatoes

4 carrots cut into half

1 big green tomato cut into eight wedges

1 long red pepper roughly sliced

1big onion roughly sliced

2 celery stalks roughly sliced

500ml chicken stock

1 cup red wine

1 tablespoons sweet paprika

1 tablespoon smoke paprika

1 teaspoon turmeric

1teaspoon thyme

Salt and pepper

Olive oil


Heat oil in a frying pan over high heat, and brown the pork on all sides, put aside.

Sweat the onion and celery for fifteen minutes.

Add more olive oil, then add the spices, meat and the vegetables, mix to cover everything with oil, and cook until the vegetable just started to scorch. Add the wine and scrape the bottom of the casserole.

Add the chicken stock and one cup of water, bring to boil and mix well.

Cover, and cook in the oven at 170 degrees Celsius for two and a half hours.

Check now and then to make sure there is enough liquid in the casserole.

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