Skandika shower and toilet utility tent review

Two month ago my wife bought a tipi tent. We put down by the end of the field near the crick where we live. Now and then we spend the night in it. It got nice little wood burning stove, and very good mattresses, so it’s all very comfortable.

Skandika Shower Utility Tent.
Skandika Shower Utility Tent.

Problem is, one need to go to the toilet last thing before go to sleep. The obvious solution is good but only for man. So we bought from Amazon what look like very nice Skandika shower and toilet utility tent – Green/Grey, 1 Persons’. Its measures: 130x130x210cm, and weight 1.1kg.

The first problem with it was the flimsy short and literally useless pegs it came with.  The pegs barely stay in the ground and we had to replace them immediately. Also, the short metal inserts between two poles, wasn’t attached properly to the poles, and tends to part away from them.

The tent pegs Short metal inserts

We manage to put it right and equipped it with portable toilet seat. The women were very happy about it, but after the first night one of the tent pole snaps and the tent collapse.


We order new set of replacement poles from Amazon. They looked more reassuring this time, more robust built and heavier, and It did the trick. However, the next night another pole snap, and we replace it too. Third night the same but now two poles snap.


The snapped pole  Snapped pole

So it is not good product. I am bit surprise, because Skandika seems to be big tents manufacturer, and one is expecting it to be of a minimal standard.

Maybe the curve of the poles is too tight? And if that is the case they need to pre bend some of the metal inserts to help to take the tightness of the pole’s curve.

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Adonit JOT script stylus review

Adonit JOT script
Adonit JOT script

Today review is about the Adonit JOT script pen stylus.

I have that pen for about one year now. I bought it for using as a pen for sketching and writing text in my iPad mini. I use various sketching Apps, but mainly with app name Noteshelf.

The stylus is one slick and cool looking pen. I read a lot of reviews about it, and largely it got good reviews.

It is: Fine point active stylus for iPad and iPhone, with 1.9mm tip. It made of aluminium, compatible with iOS devices with Bluetooth capability. It runs by one AAA battery.

My problem with it is:

It is not very accurate; it always starts the mark on the pad with offset, i.e. If you start a line or text, the actual mark will be at least 1.5 – 2mm off the intended spot, and it is near impossible to stop tracing line and continuo to do it, from the exact end of the line point.

As I mention, its slick and cool looking pen but because of it, you can barely see the on / off batten, and you can barely fill it. I understand the desire of the designer to keep it round and uncluttered device, but lack of clip handle or any other mean of prevent it from rolling over, made it ho so irritating.

Adonit pen
Adonit JOT script

Hope it help.

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The dyslexic craftsman

Hi there

This is my blog.

It will going to be about knife making, Art & crafts, Products review, The App’ corner and Food recipes.

I use to do architecture and as it was my main occupation, I didn’t have time to be really creative. Fortunately or not? at the moment I am not particular busy, and to my surprise I find that my creativity is back, and my sketch book starting to feel up quickly. But art in the closet are not good, so I started the blog to expos my stuff and myself.

Maybe it will help like minded people, and maybe it will generate some on-line interesting dialogue.




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