Roast bell pepper and broad bean in Tahini sauce.

Very simple but surprisingly tasty recipe for Roast bell pepper and broad bean in Tahini sauce.

There is no much point to bang on about it for the sake of Google, so we get straight to business.

Just one last thing. As usual at this time of the year, we have plenty of vegetables grow in our garden.








For the vegetables:

3 Bell peppers in different colour, clean from the seeds and sliced to medium size strips.

½ Cup podded broad beans.

Handful yang brad beans, ends trim. If you can’t get yang beans, than add another cupful of podded broad beans.

1 teaspoon coriander powder.

Salt and pepper.

Olive oil.

For the Tahini sauce:

¾ cup row Tahini.

Juice of one big lemon.

Juice from pitted green olives  brine.

Handful finely chopped parsley.

1 Crushed garlic.

Salt and Pepper.



First make the Tahini sauce. Pour the row Tahini into a bowl, add the parsley, garlic and seasoning.

Add few tablespoon of the olive brine and mix, gradually add more until you got the Thaini to a consistency of double cream. At this stage add the lemon juice and mix well. By now the Tahini need to be runny as single cream. Set aside.

Add four (or there about) tablespoon olive oil into heavy skillet. Fry the pepper and the broad beans ( if you have them) until started to be golden than add the podded beans and keep fry the vegetables few more minutes until the podded beans started the brown.

Turn off the heat, set aside until cold. Add the Tahini sauce, gently mix, adjust the seasoning and here you have it.

Bon appétit


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Parsley and almond salad.

Surprisingly good parsley and almond salad recipe.

Nice women name Dvora (le) from Moshave Lachish in Israel, gave me this recipe some twenty-five years ago and it’s still going strong.

As there is no universal taste in food (contrary to those chefs in the TV shows) , and I don’t know how many people you are going to feed, I can’t give exact quantity. I can only give the amount that i been using and like. you will have to adjust the quantity according to your own taste.


Four cups parsley leaves.

Juice from half lemon.

Three garlic cloves.

Half a cup, almonds. Not necessarily without the brown husks.

Best olive oil your money can buy.

Salt and pepper.



Begin by roasting the almonds in a frying pan, you can do it without oil. Fry for  few minutes until starting to brown (as the almonds already brown, be careful not to burn them). When ready set aside and leave until cold.

Shreds the parsley leaves with your fingers. mix it with the crushed garlic and the almonds (leave some for later stage). Add salt and pepper and mix well.

Now add the olive oil and again mix well.

When ready to serve add the lemon juice and mix, you will find that the almonds sink to the bottom. So for serving purposes mix again but this time do it gently. you can cheat and toss the reserved almond on top.

Oh yes, that is what the toothpicks for.

Parsley salad

P.S I noticed that in the salad photo you can see other type of nuts. so yes, you can use deferent kind of nuts, but almonds give the best flavour and taste to this particular salad.






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